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  • I have hoped to see more of Jarvis too. I think we have just tightened up the rotation a little bit having some tougher opponents and that we will see more of guys like Ray and Crossland when we are playing the UT Pan Ams on our schedule. If they can prove themselves in those games they will see the floor more. As far as I know he is not hurt or anything. I like what he did against Austin Coll
    Rick, sure can use the extra ticket. Got 4 season tickets but have 6 of us going(i have been buying ny two daughters singe game tickets this season). Your offer really helps, I will just have to buy one instead of two. I will call Chip.
    Just kidding about the wife thing. Just having a little fun with you after what Jug had posted.
    Thanks again for the extra ticket. It wi...
    David, sorry for the delay. I just now saw your note. Yes my old college roomie Edwin Powell who you met in Houston at the Iowa State game and I are going. He went to law school at Texas and married a girl from there so they are also UT fans. He has been to a couple Rose Bowls so I am letting him lead the plans. We are going to the TCU tailgate before the game so maybe I'll see you there?
    Mike, I sent an email to Chip Heiss and asked him to put my ticket for Wyoming in will call for Mike Nelson. You will just need an id to pick it up from anyone in the ticket office and if you need help Chip Heiss is the contact. I hope to make it up for the BYU game. Rick Hosea
    Rick I could use the extar ticket if it is still available. I plan on taking a relative to the game in addition to our regular 6.
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