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    Yep, research says otherwise. I'm calling that B.S. Purdue vs. Rutgers, Iowa vs. N'Western, UCLA (in their recent state) vs. Nebraska, et.al. is NOT compelling to THIS discriminating buyer. Old downtrodden Wake Forest would beat any one of them!
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    Why in the world do TV executives believe that their viewers (eyeballs) out there in TV Land WANT to see B10, B10, B10 football? With their "roll up" of a few premier programs (PennSt, Nebraska, USC and maybe UCLA --- a "directional" school really that in the past who we'd talk about with...
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    Who will be starter

    I hate to see Max not get the start in his Senior campaign - after his gutsy play for three seasons. But if Morris is the man to light it up...that's okay with me. I know we'll need our old Max at some important point in the season. The man has "W" on his forehead!
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    OT - Olivia Newton John passes away at 73

    We're cool, good man. Keep postin'.
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    OT: Oklahoma's Gundy resigns after using offensive language

    THAT seems like an unspeakable act too!
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    OT - Olivia Newton John passes away at 73

    What's up, Doc? (I just saw that Streisand film on Sunday and couldn't resist.) Thanks for the correction (and making me look a bit stupid at the same time.:)) lyrics: There was a time When I was in a hurry as you are I was like you There was a day When I just had to tell my point of view I...
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    OT - Olivia Newton John passes away at 73

    "Have you ever been mellow?" A sweet woman, and attractive too!
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    TCU Hoops Thoughts

    I would be very happy if the cagers were simply 8-0 vs KU, Baylor, OU and Tex-ass. And get Zona again in the NCAAs. We'd have excitement then!
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    2022 Football Regular Season Predictions

    The median of our schedule is WVU, K-St and TT. And the outcomes here will define '22 as a success or not. If Gary had been more successful with these three more middling schools he'd not have to be in Longhorn Purgatory in Austin. For TCU Head Coaches, their record vs. these three (and vs...
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    OT - Movies thread

    British actors are cheaper! That's why you see so many Brits in "our" productions. Lower cost is also why, for the past 25 years or so, many shows/films are produced in Canada (as a stand-in for the USA.) The government then requires the production companies to hire a number of Canadians who...
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    What we are hearing from the Big 12 and Pac 12

    If the Big 10 takes 4 more PAC'ers (to satisfy Gov. Look-at-me-barely-competent) they are nuts. Taking 2 more from the PAC would be optimal (for them and the B12.) (It keeps 2 spaces open for the Eastern flank of Virginia & NC to complete the 20-team Big 10x2 - ND is staying "independent.")...
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    Big 12 Expansion

    Maybe TCU is NOT in the Top 40/48/etc. If that is the case, I can live with that. But I, like many others, "don't give a crap about" this new horsehockey college football that FOX/ESPN is engineering. Their general assertion will be that the Big 2 conferences (and their teams) are the only...
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    Big 12 Expansion

    All that is true. It's doesn't satisfy me as a watcher of college football. It will likely lessen my engagement if this comes to pass. I imagine many others out there in TV land would agree. But, yep it's all about the money. This won't be the end. They'll figure a way to cut-out the Vandys...
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    Big 12 Expansion

    It is obvious to us all that they (TV people and the Big 2 conferences) aren't trying to promote and show to America the best teams/matchups, unfortunately. If it was an election, I'd vote against them. It's not so I (like thousands of others of a like mind) will just have to do the best with...
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    Big 12 Expansion

    I'm not in love with the NFL product and have watched less and less each season for probably 10 years. Not deliberately, it just doesn't give me the proper stimulation. When I start watching European Football, I'll know it's time to go the the nursing home.