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  1. NCAA and NIT or probably unlikely, but surely we can play in the CBI or CIT

    We need post season experience in a bad way.

    We have 3 tough home games and 2/3 winnable road games.

    I see us beating UNM, AF, and Boise, plus one or more in MWC tourney

    Would that be enough for CBI or is our best hope CIT?

    SMU always uses us as a measuring stick, let's use them and take a CIT opportunity if possible.
  2. I love CBB, but if I can't even get excited about the Not Invited Tournament, ain't no way I'm gonna be excited about some other tourney that was created so crappy teams can keep playing.
  3. I think that if we get to 18 wins as you are proposing it would be enough for the CBI, we might even get there with 17. To make the NIT we would have to find a way to take two out of three at home from SDSU, New Mexico, and Unlv and win the remaining road games over the lower tier.

    Huge game Tuesday against UNLV, a chance to beat a ranked team at home, move over .500 in conference play and impress some of the recruits who should be there. If you don't make another game this year try to make this one.
  4. Seriously, we suck in basketball. Plain and simple.
  5. It is legal to play college basketball in Ft. Worth after February?
  6. I would say there is about a .001% chance of any form of post season play. You can repost this if we make it and mock me, but I'm extremely confident we won't be playing postseason ball.
  7. It is a freaking shame what has happened to basketball at TCU and for those who say it is DMC it was a dump when I was there and I was there when Killer had DB, Doug Arnold, Joe Stephens, Carven C, Tracy Mitchell, the Sky Lobster Greg Grissom, and the great Tom Moritmer. Oh yeah two decent guards who I am not sure what happend to after they left TCU in Scottie Brooks and some Dixon guy.
    It was a dump, we had no tradition to sell on, and winning in the conference was damn tough with the likes of Arkansas and UH.

    There is no excuse for what has happened to the program and if TCU doesn't step it up it is going to be an embarrassment in the Big XII>
  8. Carl Lott, Larry Richards, Little Joe
  9. TCU basketball doesn't even have its own wiki page
  10. Well if that doesn't tell ya we suck, then I don't know what does.
  11. I also don't want to hear how playing in a conference removed from Texas hurts basketball recruiting. Nine of the recruits aren't from Texas and if you wanted to recruit in the state how about installing a staff with at least one assistant with in-state ties to the AAU programs.

    This [Craig James] isn't rocket science and the conference surely hasn't hurt football recruiting. Dude just hasn't got the job done and the bad part is that a winning basketball program that gets into the NCAA's for at least two rounds can easily cover it's cost and direct money back to the athletic deparment.
  12. Didn't CJC add an assistant with solid AAU ties this year? Hopefully it pays dividends.
  13. Two actually with Evans and Brown This was a valid concern with past Christian staffs, but not so much with this one.
  14. I'll be there for UNLV.

    NIT to me is not an option, but CBI is possible. Don't you think that College Insider or CIT is more than plausible? SMU got in with a similar record last year and almost won the thing. We need opportunities like that.
  15. Honestly people, I think he needs 2more seasons before any talk of change. Recruits are very skeptical of programs that fire coaches all the time. Remember that Coach K had some bad years at Duke and almost got fired. So don't tell me that coaches can't turn it around.
    Very funny that everybody trusts CDC in football but not in basketball.
  16. Christian has been in Fort Worth four seasons. Basketball is a sport that can be turned around quicker that football because a couple of key recruits can dramatically turn a team around, you need fewer players, and the evaluation process is easier than in football.

    He made a huge mistake by not having a single coach on his staff with Texas ties. That is nothing short of inexcusable as working with AAU coaches is a national issue and not just in this state.

    In his first three seasons his record got worse each and every season and been terrible in the conference. TCU now sits 4-4 in conference with three aways games that are rematches of narrow victories for TCU in Ft. Worth. The big key is the two game swing with Boise and Air Force. Lose both of those and it is too much of a stretch to see the Frogs drop the last six and have a very familiar result in conference play.

    Factor in that the team's two leading scorers are seniors and 9 of the 15 players on the roster are upper classmen how much change do we anticipate for next season going into a stronger basketball conference?

    I find the Coach K comparison laughable as Christian never built a program as the head man prior to coming to TCU. He inherited a very, very solid Kent State program that had just gone 30-6 the year before he took over the program. Not exactly building from rubble like the program he took over and four years is not being hasty with a coach.
  17. I see us possibly beating UNM, AF, and Boise, and possibly one or more in MWC tourney.

    Seriously, we beat CSU by 2. We could very well go 0-7 for the rest of the year. .500 for the rest of the season would be overachieving in my book.

    I'm rooting for CJC. I really feel for the guy. I know part of it is his fault, but he looks so frustrated by not having a scorer to go to down the stretch.
  18. Neither AF or Boise is very good, and New Mexico is beatable on the road, not so at home.
  19. UNLV sucks on the road. It took them 2 OT's to beat Cal-Santa Barbara. TCU has won 6 home games in a row. I don't think it's out of the question that we can beat them. And I echo Guardian's statement: If you can make it to the game, you absolutely should. Biggest game of the year for the team, no doubt.

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