Thoughts on postseason BBall

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  1. Also consider the schedule: UNLV just played an exhausting game with San Diego State, and they have New Mexico in The Pit on deck Saturday. Classic sandwich game. I expect us to win this one, or at least be in contention until the final buzzer. To me this would wash away all the bad taste from the SMU loss.
  2. Beating UNLV? hell yes I totally agree.
  3. Hi armchair AD.

    You see how that works?
  4. BUMP

    The @AF game could be called a "must win" for post season hopes. The records of the two teams are pretty even. We just beat UNLV and they just beat SDSU. We have post season within our sights, they don't.

    I think we need to go .500 the rest of the regular season, a win at Wyoming or a win over UNM or SDSU would really help, but a loss at AF could hurt.

    A win or two in the MWC tourney would be good too.

    I hope that CDC has enough gusto to get us in some post-season tourney, even if it is the CIT.
  5. Darrell Browder.
  6. I'm thinking you probably meant Carven "H" as in Holcombe.
  7. Remember when people were talking about the NCAA tournament bid possibilities? Now we can't even make the NIT and need to beat Air Force to make the CBI..
  8. Yeh, I remember that one time under Tubbs we talked about it. That one time.
  9. :laugh:, Alex Apple and a few others thought if we won out we could make the tourney. Hope the kids get to play in the CBI at least. Despite the fact that CJC is not a great recruiter or coach, these kids do play hard.
  10. You're right, they do play hard. They play hard for Christian and never quit. Say what you will about Christian's coaching ability, but he has never lost his players.

    Hopefully they stop with the turn overs and missed free throws down the stretch. This team is so close to being in the top 4 of the MWC it's stupid.
  11. That's your fault for listening to him. Just because someone writes on a blog doesn't mean they know what they are talking about!
  12. Alex apple knows more than you or me about basketball, but that isnt much of an achievement. He was being optimistic with the idea of our RPI getting to the high 50s if we went undefeated the rest of the way. Shockingly this came after the UNLV game. Hopefully the team continue to get better as this was the first year of improvement since CJC has been here. A way harder schedule next year is going to test his abilities and his players for sure.

    Seniorfrog thanks for a more positive response.
  13. CBI is within the grasp and that tourney is very comparable to NIT.

    The VERY LEAST is the CIT SMU got into last year with a very similar record to ours.

    Hoping for CBI counting on CIT.
  14. Good post. About how I feel

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