QB KENNY HILL commits to A&M

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  1. Tcu loses yet another of the very few good players remaining in the State of Texas.

    How smart does it look now to have ignored and snubbed JT BARRETT and not offered him because Tcu Coaches liked HILL and THOMAS better?

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh........and just for the record THOMAS is an Okie ST lean now with Notre Dame running 2nd.

    Not trying to slam Tcu recruiting but it is a total train wreck this year.

    LBs are a big need area for this class and every single highly rsnked LB appears now to be leaning elsewhere.

    DE, OL and DT recruiting for this year, appears to me to be a toxic wasteland with very little prospects for success in those areas, later in the recruiting year.

    Just my opinion.

    However, it appears obvious to me that this year may be the worst recruiting year Tcu has ever had BY FAR, in the past 15 - 20 years.

    Just my view.......and just for the record I am much more versed on recruiting than most here on this board. And in my view the coaches are in deep recruiting trouble for the balance of this year.

    My opinion and my opinion only.
  2. hi teabag, what say you?
  3. The Aggies have too many QBs. I suspect at some point we will see some transfers. I know QB is one of the most important positions on the field, but only one at a time can play. You are going to have some unhappy QBs on the bench that could start on many teams.
  4. Cody Thomas has TCU in his top 3. Plus QB is not a significant position of need anyway. I'd be okay if we didn't have one in this class.

    Also 4-star LB Mike Mitchell seems to have TCU in his top two and gave a glowing review after a visit.

    I'm not worried about recruiting and this is just some dumb troll trying to create a sense of panic. It's April for crying out loud. If GP and the team win lots of games in the Big 12 this season recruiting will largely take care of itself. Winning = results.
  5. Agreed. TCU is fine at QB with Casey for a few years. But if a good one comes along, it's good to pick them up. I think 3 QBs on an active roster is plenty, unless you are the Houston Texans.

    I think the Hill commit was bad for Tech. Tubbs was confident he was going to commit, and sounds like they were completely caught off guard when he picked A&M.
  6. Maybe they'll move this guy to WR, then back to QB and he'll be a top 10 draft pick. It's happened before.
  7. Case Keenum is petitioning the NCAA for a 14th season so if things work out he might be avaialble...
  8. Aaah--I was wondering what happened to AggieAngst. What are some of his other names?
  9. Touché
  10. Aggie Angst has changed his name once again. Interestingly though, he seems to know something about recruiting. This year seems different to me as far as recruiting goes. But, CGP is an expert on evaluating talent and he knows what he needs. Patience is hard for us board walkers, especially after closed spring ball. What is an excited fan to do? We just got to trust Coach that he is on it and has a plan. A plan that continues to evolve. What else can we do? Kind of like when Clint Eastwood decides he wants to sing in one of his movies....I mean, we may want him to do it, but we go with him on it anyway. He earned the right to do it his way.... :rolleyes:
  11. Is there a limit on how many names you can have on Killerfrogs?
  12. Where have you seen/read that Thomas has us in his top 3?

    I haven't read many articles of his that mention our name at all, much less in the Top 3.
  13. Cody Thomas is awesome and has 20 offers already 9 months before signing day all from great schools. However 2 things are in our favor.

    1) Momma wants him to go to TCU. Close to home
    2) He isn't opposed to staying local like a few other people we have offered

  14. Helped that Petrino got himself fired because Thomas had been to Arky multiple times and had them among his top schools. Still think he goes to a bigger school...maybe USC even though Browne committed there too.

    I don't think many people thought Hill was going anywhere other than A&M. This isn't a surprise.
  15. Agreed many said he was an aggie lean months ago. Thomas however has been pretty neutral. Not saying our chances are high, but they aren't horrible either.
  16. Sure, he likes us, and I agree that we have as good a shot as anyone else right now, but that's quite different from someone definitively saying he has us in his top 3.
  17. [sup]Ags have four scholarship quarterbacks currently on the the roster in Davis, Joeckel, Manzel, and Showers. [/sup]

    [sup]Hill is their second quarterback commit on top of Kohl Stewart. Ironically, both Hill and Stewart are thought to be MLB prospects and there is a possibility that one of the two will sign after the MLB draft.[/sup]

    [sup]If both end up at College Station that would give the Ags six with the oldest being Joeckel and Showers who are sophomores. That is six quarterbacks in three classes which has me agreeing that someone is going to be transferring by the end of the school year. If I had to guess I would say that will be Manziel. Joeckel is a possibility, but I have been told he is from a die-hard family and with the brother as a two-year starter at offensive tackle I would think he would stay. [/sup][sup]Showers seems to be the front runner coming out of spring and Davis just got on campus. That would leave Manziel who was originally headed to UO before he switched to A&M.[/sup]
  18. Ags will turn on Sumlin within three years, just like they did on the last two coaches.

    They'll end up firing him and then spending eight digits to flip an SEC coach over to them.

    Some here may end up feeling bad for the Ags. I will not be among those.

  19. Well now that we know that you are an expert, would you care to provide credentials?
  20. Just my opinion, but I really don't think we need a QB this year. We will have 5 on campus next year and we should be a front runner for Sawyer in 14 and Elliott in 15, both could be the top QB in the state. Sawyer has been very complimentary of the Frogs and Elliott is a legacy

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