Libtard Rachel Maddow caught lying AGAIN about Wisconsin situation

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  1. Would you plese stop using "libtard?" I find it offensive.
  2. One thing about me......what you see is what you get. Im no FRAUD that PRETENDS like they are ABOVE the fray yet disses EVERYTHING conservative yet never seems to find ANY fault with the liberal agenda. I find THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE to be very offensive. People need to at the VERY LEAST be real. They need to stop pretending they are above the fray when in fact they are down in the mud with everyone else. Some folks need to man up and at least make an attempt to be truthful.

    Having said that....NO, I am not talking about you. But there are others. And sure....I will stop using that phrase if it makes you feel better, the FACTS are on my side anyway which is most important. :wink:
  3. Stay strong, Whiskey. If you stop using that word, they will stop calling you racist or a homophobe or a hater of poor people or a poor Christian.....ok, well, maybe they won't. But at least you will have the high road. Take it like Ronnie said, "there is some much they know that isn't true."

    If you don't name call or shout, you will know you have won with your arguements and stats when they start with the above references or accusing you of saying things and not backing it up, even though you have.
  4. You're better than that, burford.
  5. Yep....and thanx! is MORE lefty astroturfing going on in Madison. CAUGHT AGAIN!....:biggrin:
  6. I think using derogatory names in general is a big turn off, and makes me disregard what in some cases are good points those that use them make. It feeds into this hyperpolarized "us vs them" mentality that I think takes away from the arguments at hand. I understand they aren't going to go away, but the people that use them should know that if they want to convince, it isn't a great way to start a point.

    However, beyond the fact that they are ineffective, I do think there are some terms that go too far. Libtard (an obvious combo of liberal and retard) is such a case, and I think that is what uni is objecting to.
  7. Meh. Every time he uses that word, he just makes himself less and less relevant, IMO. So he can keep using it as far as I'm concerned.

    Don't know why anyone pays attention to him, anyway. If he truly believes he can convert people to his way of thinking, then he should be going after bigger audiences than the eight or ten people (max) on here that disagree with him. Seems like there are much bigger forums out there for he and fnfreebird to herd the masses towards their obviously righteous way of thinking.
  8. Yes, indeed......frankly, if you make up names to call people, or groups of people, who may not agree with you, it indicates you don't really have that great an argument to make. Feeling the need to capitalize segments falls into the same category. It does indicate being hyperpolarized (and there is no point in reading or responding to posts by anyone who is hyperpolarized, left or right). That sort of thing just makes the poster feel better, I guess. I think there is a word for that......
  9. You know,.....sometimes you dont make a whole lot of sense. Just a couple posts ago you asked me to please stop using that word. post this.?????????

  10. I'll even stop using the word, like I said I would. But the fact is....I kind of like the word libTARD,...Its kinda catchy!....:laugh: Its really been catching on the last couple years, TONS of people use it now. Gee..............wonder why?:rolleyes:
  11. Let's see that post, then.
  12. All you libtards look alike, you know ...
  13. This has been going around the liberal circles for the last few days (Ezra Klein, talkingpointsmemo, etc.).
    It just proves their ignorance in these matters. There is a big difference between the Statement of Net Assets (balance sheet equivalent) and the Statement of Changes in Net Assets (statement of stockholders' equity equivalent). If Wisconsin had no cash, like Illinois, then the State would be withholding payments. Wisconsin is still doing this to manage its cash flow. This still doesn't change that there is a projected shortfall for the 2010-2011 year and the next two-year budget cycle.

    According to the State of Wisconsin Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2010, the State had a $29.3 million shortfall. As of October the early projections for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2010 were a budget shortfall of $137 million.
  14. Especially us extremely conservative ones
  15. Im beginning to get concerned about the state of your mental health. You are now t the point where you do not know what you post from one minute to the next. ARE YOU O.K???

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    [​IMG]Whisky Dude, on 21 February 2011 - 08:36 AM, said:

    Oh well, what can you expect from the network who brought us THIS.......:biggrin:


    And this whinefest by Keith OlberFIRED !!! Sure made for great humor though....

    Gotta LOVE it.....with each passing day the left continues to destroy themselves FOR US. Can you say...........TRAINED MONKEYS? :laugh:

    Would you plese stop using "libtard?" I find it offensive.

  16. Apparently the names 'Uniballer' and 'gohornedfrogs' mean the same thing in some circles.....
  17. fault. Im posting in between doing something else and took my eye off the ball. No harm no foul.......

  18. You know, if I was a whiny little baby, I would probably start bombarding Scott and Wes with PMs about this being a personal attack on my mental health, and all.

    But since I really don't give a rip -- and since you've provided us with such fodder -- I'm going to have to question the state of your mental health, given that you can't seem to be able to distinguish between gohornedfrogs and The Uniballer, and you seemingly aren't capable of identifying either of us as conservatives.

  19. :rolleyes: Mistakes happen. Hey,...maybe Rachel made an honest mistake too?:rolleyes:

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