Championship Games Thread

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  1. P.J. Fleck can rage pretty hard I am guessing.
    Lets go Huskies.....beat the pooh out of Colorado.
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  2. Any chance Ohio state gets left out for the big ten champ?

    Also, why would UT turn down a bowl game? Seems like they would want the extra practices.
  3. Frank Solich hasnt aged.  He has always looked 60 years old.
  4. so who gets the bid for the non-powers.  assuming Navy wins over Temple, you give it to WMU or Navy?
  5. Navy still has a game against Army next week.
    yes, a formality i suppose.
    WMU should get the bid. If Navy ended up with only 1-loss then maybe there would be a good case for Navy.
    Let's not forget that WMU has beaten two Big 10 teams on the road this year.
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  8. I read Herman felt like he was behind in recruiting. Gives him time to hit the streets.
  9. remember when Colorado did this?
    good times.  2001 i believe.
  10. Yah that first drive looked easy. Colorado, best defense in PAC12 according to the announcers.
    they gave up 45 to Michigan....I get the feeling thats about to happen again.
  12. I posted this elsewhere ... don't Big 12 fans want Colorado to win?
    Isn't that the only way, among other upset outcomes, that OU can get in the playoff, however slim?
  13. thats not targeting.  thats a Marvin White hit.
    no flag on Ohio.
    good call Pharm.
    Did you mean Marvin?

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    Nope. I wouldn't want OU to go because we directly compete with them in recruiting and can't stand them. Plus Colorado winning allows for Michigan to have a strong case to make it in, not OU.
    The whole "conference strength" argument is a media-creation that is very subjective and all college football fans should stop believing in it.
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  16. Not quite a championship game, but sitting here at Jerryworld getting for a 9pm kickoff between Aledo vs Brewer in the 4th round of 5A playoffs. Rematch from district.

    Going to be a late night home and an early morning.
  17. No, because the committee would put 3 B1G teams in before they'd put Oklahoma in
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  18. I wanted to go, but in order to be able to withstand the cold and wet early morning, I had to pass.
  19. Which is what I'm rooting for. Chaos and fraud. I want, not only one non-league champion, but two. The CFP committee will put Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State in the playoff, then drop their pants to show the world their small peckers.
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  20. You saved some coin. One daughter was free because of drill team. My other daughter and me was $70. $30 for two tickets,$10 for parking and $15 for two sodas.

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