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Z Evans in the portal….


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I found out quite early in my career that good managers are rare. Once you have a good one, its a downer to work with one that isn't.

Discovered somewhat by accident or maybe process of elimination that self employment is the way to go.

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How about if Zach wants to go show him the door. What has TCU done to him or hasn't done? Stay or go but be 100% either way.
What I was repping in my reply. My guess, if the kid goes prima donna, SD won't put up with it. He mentioned the importance of culture. Every coach wants to avoid locker room and side line drama.


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Too bad, because Zack, from what I saw on TV, was not just an excellent runner, but a very good blocker and team leader. Oh well, just keep Miller, please.

Maybe where he goes the trainers know how to wrap a foot to prevent turf toe. Or any number of injuries.
What do you mean "Oh well".?. Miller had more yards per carry than Zack.... Miller may very well be the better back.
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Oddly, we have had a fairly long record of getting good transfers. I doubt Dykes will go to the lengths he did at SMU. One would think he would understand the need to develop a culture in the locker room. Need more 4 year guys to do that. However, we had our share of some locker room poison lately.
Not trying to be a prick, I just don’t remember great transfers doing much. Or maybe I just remember the ones who never reached their full potential that were over-hyped by GP: Delton, Matt Joekel, Diarse, the long list of defensive players who never saw the field.

I guess Kenny Hill and Aaron Green were solid, who am I missing?


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Now everyone is throwing up fingers crossed.
New regime promising he only has to carry the rock 10 times per game next season!
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I learned a long time ago with employees that you do not want to talk people into staying. They never are as good as they once were and they always ended up leaving anyway. Evans needs to decide for himself no matter what anybody says. If he truly wants to go then fine I wish him luck. If he stays then he needs to get with the program and be a leader.
Agree, see Pat Sullivan after LSU no go and it appears Dixon after UCLA no go.