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You have to try that field goal at the end

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. The timeouts were used properly. You use your timeouts on defense so that the other team can't run 40 seconds off the clock between every play. Of course you WANT a timeout on offense in case something comes up but you'd rather have 2:30 on the clock with no timeouts than 1:15 on the clock with 2 timeouts.

    As Jake said, the fumble on 3rd down was just awful. You can tell that was probably setup to be a pretty nice run play because even with all the time wasted fumbling the ball and picking it up, he still had no defenders on him and only lost a yard. Probably would've been a 10+ yard run by DA if we just catch the damn snap and hand it off.
  2. song trotted about 3 yards onto the field and gp told him to get back on the sideline.
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  3. Warmups were into the wind, were they not?
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  4. This game they were. But these were not the only warm-ups that our kickers have ever participated in. I also have strong doubts about our kickers from more than about 42 yards out.
  5. Not really. The wind at the south was swirling much more so than against during pregame.
  6. Saw that. Wouldn’t have been Song’s kick anyway IMO.
  7. Song can’t kick a 50 yd field goal

    And the guy who was supposed to be doing that decided riding a scooter sounded like more fun this year
  8. Haha geez so now we are blaming a kid for getting hit by a car?
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  9. No for riding a scooter to start

    Things people who want to be athletes should not do until they retire:

    Snow ski
    Cliff jump
    Hang glide
    Ride a motorcycle/scooter
    Play frogger in traffic
    Play football on a beach...

    Sometimes you have to actually think about what could happen and the consequences...
  10. He can. It is possible. He doesn't appear to do with any degree of reliability though and didn't really try much in warmups which is also a tell.
  11. With football growing in popularity in this country (soccer as you call it here) they should be able to find someone to kick further....
  12. Who on earth do you think would be calling Cumbie a genius?
  13. Clearing the bar once out of ten times with no pressure and requiring a launch angle that an old lady in a wheelchair could block means you can’t make the kick in a game

    Song has been money this year- but 50+ yarders are not in his repertoire and that is probably ok

    But it was definitely the reason why the it was not really an option
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  14. No [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]! Use 4 years of scholarships on a guy who plays maybe a season and a half and can't kick further than 40 yards??

    Gonna be playing a lot closer attention to pregame kicking warmups next week. I certainly feel that the relative wind difference between kicking south versus north yesterday was good for at least 5-10 yards at the same launch angle.
  15. I’d advise you to not pay attention from my previous years experience watching them. Was really fun watching Song kick from 35 while too “injured” to kick in games
  16. You forgot play in pick up basketball games.
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  17. Even if we had Jaden Oberkrom as our kicker I still think it was the right decision to go for it on 4th and 3.

    1. It gets you closer leading to a higher percentage field goal.

    2. You get to burn the clock all the way down. There was still a minute left, and with the way Buechele and those SMU receivers were playing that might have been enough time to make something happen, especially if they happened to get a good return on the kickoff. (See the Arkansas game 2016 where they drove down the field and scored in less than a minute).

    3. If things go right you might find yourself in a position to score a touchdown and win the game in regulation.

    Obviously the execution didn’t work out in the end, but I don’t think that changes the fact that it was the correct decision from a game management standpoint.
  18. Thing is, it was more like a 40 yard kick. That was a 10-yard wind. You're almost out of bullets. Your qb just dropped a snap and it's 4th down. I wanted Song to kick and take our chances in OT. Oh well.
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  19. I sit in the South end zone and the wind was swirling most of the night.
  20. It's funny that everyone, including GP, says Song can't hit 40+ fg's, but he was hitting 50+ fg's in high school. Plus, he had a strong wind behind him Saturday. Oh well, it doesn't matter at this point. This offense is pathetic, and has been for a few years now. Time to move forward.

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