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Wynn Las Vegas opener vs Oklahoma

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Oklahoma -7.5
  2. So Vegas respects our defense.
  3. I think they missed a 1 in front of the 7
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  4. I think -7.5 is what we score on offense. So that makes sense.
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  5. A ten point difference from OU. Does that mean we are Bette than we think? Or is OU worse than everyone thinks?
  6. 7.5 turnovers sounds about right
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  7. Bet the house on OU to cover right? How can this line be so low?
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  8. OU lost to Texas, went to overtime against Army, and barely beat Iowa State.

    They are hardly the Oklahoma of last year
  9. This...listen to this
  10. The future line was at -7.5 before OU lost to Texas, and was at -5 last week before our Tech loss. Now back up to -7.5
  11. Texas has a 10x the offense we have though, and Army has major scheme advantages that we lack. OU isn’t as good this season as they were last season, but they are a good team and - more importantly - a much better team than we are.

    I think the line is so close because Vegas doesn’t know how OU’s defense will play with a new coordinator.
  12. Is the o/u posted?
  13. I think it's bc our defense is very good and Vegas expects that unit to neutralize Boomer's best weapon. Vegas is predicting a fairly low scoring game IMO. Far lower than we'd have bet on before the season started.
  14. Texas does not have 10x the offense we have.
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  15. The line is where it is because the computer rankings have OU as about ten points better than TCU and we get 3 points for being the home team.
  16. Last year OU lost to Iowa State in Norman, beat Baylor 49-41 and barely beat UT 29-24.
    Pretty similar actually to this year
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  17. Yet put their foot knee deep in GP’s arse twice.
  18. See first post.
  19. Is that a
    Or maybe it’s because we have a top 15 defense and are playing at home.
  20. That was through 14 games they had three questionable games. They have three questionable games through six games this year

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