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Wow, 17 years...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jun 18, 2021.

  2. Who all made the trip to Lubbock? Probably the most silent car ride I ever took on the way back from a game ever.
  3. I was there. Started out awesome up 21-0. Then they started whipping our ass. Remember watching them throw for TDs to the very last second in a scorching sun. Wife had gotten me tickets for my birthday. Worst birthday ever.
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    Was that the game where Godbolt got scorched one or ten times?
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  5. I was wondering if anyone was going to pick up on that.
  6. We were down at Austin City Limits Festival, and tried to watch on tv at one of the booths that one of the telecoms had set up. It was awful. That game destroyed the confidence of that defense, and they never recovered.
  7. FIFY
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  8. I was at the Tech game in 2004

    Got real drunk
  9. Took a party bus with 16 people out there and it was very silent on the way back except for roddog behaving like a fool running up and down the aisle drunk singing the tech fight song.
  10. Should have let him out in Snyder.
  11. Nah… nah man… Believe you’d get your arse kicked for ‘doing’ something like that
  12. You weren't even old enough to drink then, were you?
  13. Dang I miss roddog. He was my favorite troll when I first started using KFC. Wish he would come back
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  14. Yeah, I don't tolerate a braggert too well. Who could listen to a fat idiot singing/talking ship for four hours? Most tolerant humans on Earth on that bus, apparently.
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  15. Burn that post with fire.
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  16. It felt like it was four hours but he passed out after 30 minutes or so.
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  17. Sure he was! By a few days, at least. I think Ron is about my age, which would have made him a....uhhhh....[looks around nervously for the woke police]...Senio...[oh [ #2020 ], there's one!]...4th year.
  18. Yeah I had just graduated that spring
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  19. That’s when you should have shoved him off the bus…
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fornicate baylor!!

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