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With no bowl game how will you spend extra time???

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DieHardFrog2020MBA, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. For me it will be watching Mavericks. I may not pay attention to American football again until Super Bowl. Also trump impeachment will be interesting to watch, many people in home country wanting to know what is happening.

    Also will enjoy quality time with girlfriend over break when she isn't as busy. And TCU basketball.
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  2. Well, if it was the CheezeIt Bowl and it’s 9:15 local start it is probably sleep I will use my extra time on.
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  3. Root like hell for Utah and OU to win next week.

    Look for the powers that be to make Texas v Aggy in the Texas Bowl happen.
  4. Watching football teams that actually play worth a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
    And the National Finals Rodeo.
  5. Catch up on Jack Ryan....
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  6. So of the hundreds of foreign born, English as a second language people I have worked with in my life - I have never seen one that can handle contractions, the “be” verb and there/their/they’re - but can’t manage to use possessives properly or doesn’t use “the” when needed as a definitive article in the written language

    weird little shtick you have going here
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    Is Texas Tech going to a bowl game this year? Tough year, but it was so nice to go to Lubbock and get a win, wouldn’t you agree?

    You could rewatch the win over and over.
  8. Since TCU is out, this also diminishes my interest in other lower tier bowl games. As a result I will have a lot more free time this bowl season to make some more traction on my life long goal of reading the great books of western civilization. Given where i am it will likely be me finishing Lucy’s history of Rome and then ovid’s metamorphoses before the NY6.
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  9. Federalist Papers....just saying
  10. What foreign languages are you fluent? Maybe could have private messages in language other than English.
  11. French, Swahili and Farsi

    I understand curse words in Spanish since that is what my wife uses to yell at me...

    but I don’t conjugate verbs in any of them as well as you do in English...
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  12. Well... When it became obvious this was not our year, we booked NYE tickets to Vegas for CFP on the 28th, NFL final week on the 29th, Lady Gaga on the 30th, and Maroon 5 on the 31st.

    PM if you'd like to join. Frogs are always welcome.
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  13. I will play the lottery..buy a horse..dig a pool with spade..take a spin class..and eat a gas station hot dog every day until we start our march towards another 6 win season and bowl eligibility
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    big fan of the federalist papers too. Reading Thucydides’s history of the Peloponnesian and what I’ve read of Livy so far have really made me appreciate how thoughtfully jay, Madison, and Hamilton so thoughtfully tried to optimize the balance between centralization and local control.
  15. First, we will save a couple of thousand $$$ by not going on a bowl trip...well, that sucks.

    OK - maybe go to Virginia.
  16. The discourse covering why “cities” originally began to provide protection for inhabitants and the resulting need to develop the first laws to protect and govern the new society was compelling in Livy’s recounting

    it definitely correlates directly to the actions of the original settlers, provided a basis for understanding their approach to colonization and the resulting battle for independence
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  17. Just finished it. Really good
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  18. If you were planning on going to the bowl game, instead give the money to a charity. It will have you feel great to help someone besides yourself
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