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Will TCU Dethrone Oklahoma from Big-12 Supremacy?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. I think this article is correct which is why I am sure no football will be played this year.....



    For the past five seasons we have seen Oklahoma take at least some part of the Big-12 Championship home. We have seen teams like UT and Baylor recently make a push to dethrone the Sooners from Big-12 glory, but ultimately fall short of doing so. We saw Kansas State knock them off in a shocking fashion, but which team will be able to firmly take down Oklahoma?

    Its not the Longhorns, I’ll tell ya that much.

    How about the team that always seems to be forgotten? (Sometimes a little too much.) I have many reasons to believe TCU has what it takes to break Oklahoma’s Big-12 Championship streak, but let’s start out with what Oklahoma lost this year to the NFL Draft.
  2. Yes. Answer is yes.
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  3. Thought this post would get more hits. I agree with everything he had to say. But one thing he didn’t touch on was O-Line. The progress of the new guys up front is key. They and Max‘s growth will be the difference between 8 wins and 11 wins.

    also, my OU buddies predict Rattler will be their best QB of the last decade. Let’s hope they are wrong
  4. Better than Blake Bell?
  5. That may be stretching it
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  6. Not that I don't think TCU has a chance, but when I looked at this guy's mock draft for 2021 he had both Moehrig and Wallow as first round picks. Moehrig you can talk me into, but that makes me think this writer has a little favoritism/limited knowledge of the CFB landscape to put Wallow as a first round linebacker next year. I took the article a little less seriously after seeing that.
  7. wallow?
  8. Re: OP question, TCU will 'dethrone' OU when we start getting (a) better/stronger/faster players and (b) better coaching. Duh. Almost didn't bother, but what the heck.
  9. Everything he mentioned in that article is plausible but let’s be honest, our offense is a lifetime away from even being competent. While we have made a step forward in recruiting that I think could put us in B12 title contention, I have very little faith in the offensive staff leading the charge. The addition of Kill and DM will certainly help but those guys aren’t going to put the fear in anyone in our league.
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  10. Special meaning here?

  11. max was 7 of 21 for 65 yards in that game, he got hurt by some drops, but he also just missed some throws

    long, long way for this offense to go to contend for the conference title
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  12. I think we win 9 this year, and win the conference in either 21 or 22. If Gary pulls off another 6 win season with this talent he needs to consider a graceful exit strategy
  13. Only 2 possibilities:

    - Gary is predicting 2020 will be added to that National Champions ring.

    - Gary is making a push to have the stadium renamed to Gary Patterson Stadium.

    I suppose there is a 3rd possibility of BOTH.
  14. I can only laugh at things like this now. I'll say first that you may well be right about Wallow. For just about any player in college football in any year the chances of them NOT being a 1st round pick faaaaar outweigh the chances of them actually being a 1st round pick.

    But I remember legions of people a couple years ago saying LJ Collier had no chance at all of being a 1st rounder. I remember the same being said of Reagor after the combine. I remember people throughout last year talking about how there was no way we'd lose Blacklock to the draft this year because he was playing like a mid-round pick at best. I don't think too many were predicting Gladney as a 1st rounder last year either.

    Point being, for whatever reason, a section of our fanbase seems to think all of our best players are mid round picks just about every year with very few exceptions. It's always the popular thing to talk more about how NOT good our players and coaches are than how good they are. It's clear though that none of us on here have much expertise in predicting the NFL Draft a year ahead of time or even a couple weeks ahead of time.
  15. Will TCU Dethrone Oklahoma from Big-12 Supremacy?

    Will Kf.c Free the Nipple?
  16. My head agrees.

    My heart wants 2014 Boykin.
  17. my head is saying max gets a few more months of time to work on a few things
  18. Yikes, not what I was trying to say. If you're using me to make a bigger point about our fanbase, fine, but I'm not one of negative people about the talent this team has. I love Wallow and would be thrilled if he ends up being a first round talent. Only point I was making is that I haven't heard anything about him in regards to being a top LB in the draft next year,and the fact that this article has him as a first rounder may show a little more TCU bias than others when assessing our chances of beating OU

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