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Who is the best Texas h.s. player you ever saw?


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ESPN actually did a cool little writeup on Kyler and other legendary Texas high school QBs.

I know most of yall are from the Lone Star State. You can say QB or just player. Who is the best player you saw LIVE?

In high school. So not a guy who became a stud in the NFL but was a great high school player.

Mine was Jacquizz Rodgers at Lamar down in Rosenberg. My late father was enamored with him. And his brother. But Quizz was amazing.

Runner-up for me was Quentin Jammar down in the Angleton area.

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I sacked Koy Detmer in a scrimmage in HS. He was a beast, but not the best I played against.

Best player I ever played against and was a beast: Maurice Hunter from Harlingen High School.

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For me it was Ryan Mendez at Burleson. Led the state of Texas in scoring (38.8ppg), rebs (18.3rpg) and 3pt made (109/203). He was 6’7” and a lights out 3pt shooter. Hard to stop in HS. Even for 5A (90s 5A). He had 72 points in one game. Only had a meh career at Stanford though.
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