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Where is West Lafayette

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by givings, Sep 13, 2019 at 1:53 PM.

  1. Traveled there for business a few times. No desire to return.
  2. Did their version of the pub crawl there once while visiting a pal in college. Was not as big a deal as claimed.
  3. When you see the big tree, turn left. Can’t miss it.
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  4. Nope. West Lafayette is about 85 miles south of...

    Gary Indiana,
    Not Louisiana, Paris, France, New York, or Rome, but--
    Gary, Indiana,
    Gary, Indiana,
    An extension
    Of Southside Chicago....

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  5. Go north to Lafayette. Turn left.
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  6. When I was 10 or 11 I played Winthrop in my church production of The Music Man. Song’s going to be stuck in my head for a week now.
  7. Ah yes, Gary Indiana. Cute song, but..
    Only place where I ever saw brown fog. But that was 40 years ago, and hopefully it has improved some now.

    I would think that W. Lafayette is much better. Certainly in a better part of the state.
  8. Just south of Tippecanoe battle ground
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  9. Funny you should mention that because just last night I was talking to someone who said she was driving in CA (north of LA I think) and saw a brown haze there and was concerned about workers in the fields breathing whatever it was.
  10. Kudos....But you do self-identify as a hoosier....
  11. Gary, Indiana, also the birthplace of Michael Jackson.
  12. Google maps...
  13. Rode on a charter from Indy airport to Purdue in 1998 for a summer conference...saw the directional sign to the Tippecanoe site....A mall on the right side of the highway leading into town was the "Tippecanoe Mall"...on the opposite side of the road was the "Tyler II" mall....
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