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What's a sports photo(or video)that you'll remember forever?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Feb 26, 2021.

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    What are some sports photos or videos that you'll always remember? Good, bad, happy or sad. Let's see what yall got.
  2. merlin_52354634_de52e3c7-2d05-4925-8f2b-7d3671cc6f2b-articleLarge.jpg

    Still hurts, 10 years later:(
  3. Does a video count?

  4. I hate you for bringing this up. I may never recover fully.

    Those two games above are the two worst games of my life that didn’t involve TCU. Gut punches.
  5. Ouch! Knees aren't made to bend like that. Hell of an effort to get in front of the net even though he was hurt.
  6. There. I edited the title of the thread just for you. :p
  7. So much heart.
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    "It took off like a skyrocket into the night sky" Omaha Paper Front Page Headline
  9. I stayed off of Twitter for years after that Rangers loss. After Poo-jols 3 homer game, there were some guys on Twitter talking all kinds of [ #2020 ] so we were really letting them have it during the late innings of game 6. Then Nelson Cruz happened. SMFH.
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  10. This one gets overlooked alot. I was there with one of my buddies that went to Tech and he was so bummed out. It was a great feeling.
  11. [​IMG]

    I took a similar photo, but from a hundred rows up at the opposite goal line. Still the greatest TCU moment my eyes have seen.
  12. The Nolan Ryan bloody jersey pic
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  14. give some photo credit here, sheesh
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    Are you the photographer of the Baylor Beer Thief photo?
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