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What did CDC do on his way out of town?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Seems like ever since he left, we’ve had a curse on all our programs (except rifle, because you don’t mess with those with guns).

    Blowing a 12 pt lead with 3:30 to go tonight 24 hours after terrible call to spot the ball.

    Baseballs had 2 subpar years by their standard and WBB had ghosts swatting away the ball from every layup vs Texas in the Big 12 tournament last year.
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    He okay’d the Coach P statue even though Gary hadn’t retired and/or is still alive.
  3. this is a bit right? i mean you have to be trolling the board.....
  4. He’s definitely got Texas rolling in all the major sports.
  5. One the way out of town? He stopped by his tailor and picked up his first order of Orange duds...
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  6. Does anyone know for sure he didn’t negotiate with DeLoss to replace him to get TCU in to the B12? Just a thought...
  7. you don’t believe in the boogeyman? Gotta say it’s awfully suspicious that we go to the Big 12 championship then 2 weeks later he leaves and we can’t do anything in our big sports. CDC is a witch doctor!
  8. Or maybe he caused the problem because he was a crappy AD but a great used car salesman

    Just look at the dumpster fire he has going at UT
  9. I’d be 1000000000% in favor of that if he did (I’m almost certain he didn’t).
  10. i believe in baba yaga

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  11. Not to be morbid, but is the guy that paid for the statue still alive?

    If I recall, wasn’t the narrative that Gary didn’t want the statue, but the donor that wanted to pay for it wasn’t doing well health wise and didn’t have much longer to live, so they went ahead and put it up early so the donor could see it?

    If he’s no longer around, we should take the statue down until Gary retires. Bad mojo having that up while he’s still coaching.
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  12. I actually agree with this idea
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  13. I actually agree as well. It would be a very silly look at this point but from what I understand even GP doesn't like it. There is always room for a statue of GP, once he retires. Such bad mojo having a statue of your standing head coach on campus.
  14. How would that work?

    “Look DeLoss, I know you don’t really want TCU in the Big 12, but if you’ll support the idea, I’ll agree to take your multi-million dollar job, but only after you hire and fire two other guys first.”
  15. i found a secret tape of cdc negotiating with deloss for this very thing

  16. Well, two HC's got an overly sweet deal on their contracts. No way those should have been set up like that. I'm guessing he was planning on looking for greener pastures then.
  17. which two?
  18. He let the door hit him in the ass.
  19. Bought some ugly clothes?
  20. Yes Mr. Parrish passed away. His wife and family did not. A diss to Coach P like that would be the lowest class move ever. This is the most lame brain post of your FFF career, which is a very high bar.

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