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Wes’ Whiskey Toast Remembrance

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. I put together a collage of pictures and posts from Wes’ Whiskey Toast and Last Post and want to share it with you. Feel free to share the link with his friends.

    https://killerfrogs.com/video/Wes Tribute.mp4

    Happy New Year to all Killer Frogs. I wish the best for you and your loved ones in 2020.


    Go Frogs!
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  2. Awesome. Great job Ryann
  3. Ryann, a memorable afternoon. Wes was roughly three weeks younger than me. The Toast was certainly a reminder on how ephemeral life is and that one needs to enjoy everyday and every person.
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  4. Well done, Ryann!
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  5. Fantastic job putting that together. Great song as well
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  6. Very nice.
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  7. awesome....just curious, was the TCU athletic department represented at all at either Wes' Whiskey Toast or funeral?
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  8. Absolutely; Coach Schloss was there as well as Boschini, at funeral. There may have been others.
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  9. Thank you for this Ryann. What is it with these onions?
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  10. THANK YOU! RYANN!. When I stood in front of the crowd at the memorial service trying to get through my eulogy, I kept thinking about how much more I wanted to say about Wes and his beloved Killer Frogs. Even though I had the notes in front of me I just could not bring myself to go there. I'm glad now I didn't as this says it all. It's a very touching and special tribute to our great friend. God bless Wes...He is missed.
  11. Great job, Ryann.
  12. Well done Ryann! Thanks for sharing this memory of our friend Wes.
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  13. That’s MY boss.
  14. My thanks as well-- we will always remember Scott and wes, and Ryann for this great posting.
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