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We're a women's sports school now....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. Joining soccer in the top 10.
  2. With one major exception
  3. Yes it is.
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  4. Holy smokes... @Chongo94 Do you have this pic in your files? Is she a TCU athlete?
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  5. That color really suits her
  6. While attending Texas Christian, I was always a fan of our women.
  7. I'd offer her a spot on the track team... She looks like a natural pole jumper.
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  8. I have a 27 inch monitor here at work, and since I am working late, I figured i would go see what is going on at KFC, and this pic took up the WHOLE DANG OL SCREEN!

    I expect an email from HR shortly..
  9. HR can't stop the rockin'
  10. Best I can offer is Janna Breslin...but she is in purple (kinda) in one.


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  11. Lowering office productivity since....
  12. Our most successful teams at TCU have been women’s teams for quite some time now. Vb, soccer, bb, rifle, golf, track and field
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  13. And Equestrian. Those women know how to ride.
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  14. Hey it worked for Aunt Becki's kids at USC...why not?
  15. Speaking of photos ...
  16. 398978CD-CCBC-436B-AE27-1153FD95D94E.jpeg
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