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Well, well, well, how the turn tables...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. It's funny to watch Herman try and save his ass by canning most of his staff. Member when Texas was the hottest ticket in town after beating up on Georgia about 12 months ago? They were concerned that Orlando would get a HC gig and they would lose their all-start DC. Now he is polishing his resume.

    They are taking a run at Graham, which probably makes sense. But chasing after the latest gig is a fool's errand, especially with the pee sommelier running the ship. What a disaster.

    Here is to hoping GP can make a few measured moves and get this thing back on track this offseason.
  2. He does not have the luxury of being comfortable like GP, He will actually be held accountable like most other coaches in big time college football. Most new coaches are given 3 years or they are out. If you underperform you are gone. GP does not have to worry about that. Being average is okay for him because he knows it will be ok because of the success from years past. Not sure that is a good thing for us.
  3. My brother had a turntable when we were kids.
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  4. Evidently vinyl is back

    Probably not news to most of you

    but it was to me when my grandson spent part of his singing bonus buying the same basic turn table I had to pay someone to take away 20 years ago and then go though my blues albums like he had struck oil
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  5. If only you guys had another turntable and a microphone, that be where it’s at.
  6. I think Mensa was called to CDC’s office..... pressure!!
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  7. Bet Urban Meyers gets a Christmas card from CDC?
  8. This strategy will work out for him about as well as it did for Strong and Brown. His life expectancy at UT is now officially less than 2 years.
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  9. One wonders what threshold of wins is necessary to keep Mensa from being a Dead Man Walking. I would think that anything less than a Conference Championship would result in his firing.

    The fun thing to watch, is that Mensa is now in full "reaction" mode, trying to appease the Sportsmedia critics as quickly as he can. This is a fool's errand, as the mob will never be appeased.
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  10. The truly sad thing is though, they are in a lot better position than we are.
  11. They always will be. They have a nearly unlimited budget, an Alumni base and t-shirt base that exceeds the populations of many Countries, and a monstrous recruiting cachet that floods them with many-starred kids each and every year.
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  12. You are right. That is why we have to stay innovative and open to changes that will keep us in the race.
  13. "Innovation" is quite often whatever is fashionable at a given time. While the "Air Raid" does rack up yards and points, it does tend to put a strain on the defense if things don't go as planned. Besides, the "Air Raid" is just the latest incarnation of a number of offenses thought up in years past, from "Air Coryell" to the "Run and Shoot." The "Wildcat" was excavated from the 20's and was fun, until defenses figured out how to stop it.

    No, I would greatly prefer a Coach who can coach. By this, I mean instruct. Develop. Guide. All of those things which make a young player with a lot of potential into a great player with demonstrable skills. In Cumbie, we have had a guy who was (and I use the past-tense with the certainty that it won't be long before there's a 'For Sale' sign in his yard) well versed in the principles of the Leach Air Raid offense, but utterly lacked the ability to teach basic fundamentals of positions to players, or integrate those players existing skills into a coherent offensive strategy and overall plan. In other words, a failure. Players do not develop. In many instances, they regress. What we need is someone who can see to the development of skill players. Example: Instruct receivers how to catch different throws, run routes, use their hips and shoulders, high-point a ball, block downfield, etc. Without those skills, a player playing the position of receiver plugged into an offensive scheme is useless. In fact, worse than useless, as his lack of developed skills costs his team in wasted plays, downs, and ultimately games. I use receivers because they are the most visible position with visible shortcomings, but these shortcomings extend to virtually all the positions on the Offense. Offensive line play has been, well, offensive. Max Duggan has developed some, but I tend to believe that he has done so under his own steam and not through the efforts of Mr. Cumbie, even though he is listed as "QB Coach" in addition to his other duties. Without basic knowledge of the fundamentals of their positions, players are unable to contribute to their fullest potential. We suffered an offense that looked like a kicked ant mound simply because the players didn't know what they were doing.

    We must find somebody who can Coach.
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  14. Watched his post-BU presser, he was already in begging mode, trying to keep the job. About the closest thing he had to cling to in terms of something positive was, well, did you see us fighting to try to score with a minute left, even though we knew we were toast? :)

    He had the look of a criminal who has been found guilty, and begging the jury for probation.
  15. Good post...
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  16. I’ve watched a bit of UMHB football but nowhere near the amount that a regular poster on here has. Got to say I was impressed by the way they move the ball but as someone who spent the early part of adulthood on a D2 campus, there’s a mammoth difference in the type of athlete at that level v this level. Some coaches can make that move and command performance and others can’t and some don’t even want the hassle. (And yes...I know that UMHB is not D2)
  17. 56-1 record as an offensive coordinator with the only loss coming in the championship game making them runners up. The other two seasons they won it all. It is a big jump from Div III to Div I, but you never know. Pretty impressive none the less.
  18. Not really sure the tables have turned.

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