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Week 9 Score Prediction Contest: TCU vs. #15 Texas

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. TCU-45 UT-35

    UT- 425 Yds.
  2. 45 - 42, TCU
    Texas offense, 415
  3. Texas 31
    TCU 21
    400 yds for UT
    (First time ever that I have picked the opposing team)
  4. Texas 41 - TCU 24
  5. 31 all after regulation. 40-37 TCU in 2 overtimes. Texas total yardage 414.
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  6. Texas 52
    Duggan/Song 23 (rest of team packed it in a few games ago)

    uT 252 yds (all plays started in the red zone)
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  7. I'm not participating this time. Hence, I'm not jinxing our team this week.

    I should get something for that, I think.
  8. I believe that earns you an ID bracelet reading, "Snowflake."
  9. Your bracelet would say "I love the D".
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  10. TCU 30
    ut. 24

    ut offense. 356

    not as close as the final score but you have to factor the ref bias in.
  11. TCU 41
    Texas 38
    Texas O - 407
  12. 42 - 17 Texas
    Texas O 460 yds
  13. 50-7 Frogs...oh we’re talking about this year. No fing clue!
  14. Texas Christian 31
    Texas University 28

    I predict Texas scores most of their points early, but by mid third period we start scoring more. And crowd is rowdy.

    Might not be able to attend, girlfriend wants to go to SMU game. Trying to convince her to go to Frogs game this time. Although weekend in Houston could be fun and we both have good friends there, and maybe future work connections too....
  15. Contest rules notwithstanding....
    TU 51
    TCU 10
    No rational reason to believe otherwise.
  16. Frogs 31-27. It’s time to turn the season around!

    397 yards
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  17. TCU 17
    UT 14
    Texas Offense: 280 yards
  18. Maybe Cumbie has been sandbagging the first six games in order not to have anything on film for wHorn. Or maybe the offense is just inept.

    wHorn: 34
    Frogs: 20

    wHorn with 451 yards
  19. Texas 34
    TCU 23
    Texas offense: 409 yards

    I don't drink coffee

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