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  1. Think he lost on more than the Frogs
  2. WNB

    No offense to 65 year olds (or whatever she is) but that goes for all of you.
  3. Actually I believe he was forced to take a break given what one of the mods said in another thread.
  4. Good job, big 12 defense.
  5. Michelle Pfeiffer is 60 something...just saying ha...

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  6. Vols can't tackle for [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
  7. Pass
  8. I stand corrected... 65... WB

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  9. Backup punter makes the tackle.
  10. Raquel Welch was rocking it into her 60s. Then she hit 70 and some bad doc work.
  11. Science is amazing.
  12. Morgan Fairchild still looks good at 69.
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  13. Here's Raquel Welch at 65.

    Sorry, wrong pic
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  14. Gonna have to disagree on that one. Saw a recent pic online, she was looking tammy faye baker rough.
  15. Still looked pretty good when she was older
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    That new lighting system in Bamas stadium is nuts. It’s like a club during time outs.
  17. Just thought of one bonus from today's game - no passes from the WildFrog.
  18. LED lights on strobe?
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  19. So, Marie Osmond?
  20. How did the umpire not call that? He just stood there.

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