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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TX_Krötenechse, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Dork. Mom must be a Baylor fan
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  2. Crying kid dropping f bombs while doing a flawless surrender cobra..... greatness.
  3. Must be the uniforms. Not blinding enough like UO.
  4. Amazed they didn’t try to gift UT there.
  5. Three 100 yard WR for LSU... lolololol
  6. LSU WR’s have been wide open all night long. UT closes on the ball quickly after the catch, but mostly uncontested passes. Killing them.
  7. i heard dana holgerson on the radio this week and he made a comment that he didn't know what offense chip was running at ucla because it isn't what he was running at oregon.

    they had 261 yards today and less than 100 on the ground.

    both schools have bad head coaches and it goes from there.
  8. Going to be such a great meme
  9. This feels like a Texas win brewing right now.

    Edit..... or not
  10. [ profanity ] Bag U?
  11. So did Aggies cover today?
  12. pass happy offenses too stupid to run the ball and get some clock. wow.
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  13. Oops.

    EDIT I felt the same way tho.
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  14. LOL. scheiss Matthew
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  15. Good call
  16. Should have sat down on the 1 yard line
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  17. Suck it Herman
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  18. how the hell do you give you that play in that situation?
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