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We held Baylor under 300 yards in a 3OT game and LOST

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by jake102, Nov 9, 2019 at 3:12 PM.

  1. We can’t scream for Cumbie to be fired enough
  2. B/c of Cumbie. He's not ready. Boykin developed himself. Send Cumbie to HS coaching maybe in a dozen years he can work himself up to Texas St.
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  3. Yeah this game is not for those to blame Patterson. Thought he called a really good game
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  4. It damn sure is. This is his team. And do you think he wasn't behind the decision to eat the last 36 seconds of the 4th Q? We get about 50 yards there (3 timeouts) and Song can kick a FG.

    Turtle Gary strikes again...
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  5. He is over the OC as well win by one right?
  6. GPs D got beat in a defensive oriented game.
  7. They actually made the game winning INT but it didn't count because of a Baylor false start. Also held Baylor to a FG when our offense gave them 1st and Goal at the 7.

    I'm pissed at everyone except the defense and the kickers.
  8. And that’s the GP mentality. The team lost the game. The program lost the game. Defense allowed crucial game defining plays. Offense didn’t make plays. Loss
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  9. I agree with this but this is very different than your post that I replied to where you basically seemed like you were putting the loss on the defense.
  10. didn’t mean to. I’m very much a “team win” “team loss” guy. But so much heaping on the O which is deserved. I’m much less concerned about play calling than I am hustle and drive and fundamentals and aggression. Basically I think the program needs a reset. I thought this in G1 and was blasted by asserting that these kids don’t even look like they are having any fun or being allowed to truly play
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  11. agree that a wall has been built within this program whether it was intentional or not
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  12. This AD needs to quit obsessing with the east side luxury suites and worry about his problems on the field.
  13. Yeh, when your Offense has over 100 yards in Penalties(before half time?) and your True Freshman QB can't hit the side of a Barn Door on most passes during regulation(hurt or not hurt, it's a fact), and receivers drop passes, and OC calls ridiculous Offensive Plays, then yes, you lose a Game that your entire Defense plays their Guts out the whole Game!
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  14. Stopped reading after the lunacy of the first clause.
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  15. And you need to scheiss off.
  16. Or go be Kliffy’s qb coach!
  17. We needed one play to win the game and couldn’t find it. If Wells catches the ball in the first quarter we might not be talking about any of this. If the defense could have stopped the 4th down play. It’s disappointing but not the end of the world.
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  18. Time for a new era its over.
  19. Please scheiss off, dumbass.
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  20. He should be fired at least once, preferably more.

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