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We have better coaches, better athletes...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. This is correct. Max was hurt, he needed some time, I get that. Burn the possession, you're only down 7 and their QB makes NFL Tebow look like college Tebow. They couldnt do a thing against our D the second half.

    If Max never came back in I'd understand the decision a bit more. Game ending injury and Downing is our guy and all that, but that's not what this was. This was buying time to figure out if the starter could get back in, throwing that ball was insanity and cost us the game.
  2. First of all, lovely to make your acquaintance, Jarrett's cousin / brother / nephew / whatever.
    You mean when he was Co-OC with a guy that is currently HC at Virginia Tech and doing ok? And then when that guy left, we went 7-6 / 4-8 and he got demoted?
    What plays work well for "You have 1.5 seconds and then you're gonna get blasted by the entire defensive line"?
    This is a bigger indictment on Anderson than you realize.

    Agreed, if they gave Max 3-5 seconds that's be great. Instead, he has half that time at best. And that's when they aren't holding or false starting.
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  3. If Jarrett is such an amazing play caller, why did GP even hire OCs? If JA is God's gift to football, then we might as well fire Sonny, Kill, and Meach and put him in the booth.

    If JA is so amazing at coaching OL, why can anyone with eyes see that is the weakest group on the field? Looks like Max is running for his life out there. In 2014-16 when JA last coached the OL, JA's job was saved because Boykin turned nothing into something with his amazing ability to make guys miss while running for his life.

    And frankly if he makes so many NFL players, he sure needs to step it up this year... We are a miracle fumble away from 0-3.

    Also, please explain the drops from the inside receivers the last two years? Was that the players fault, or another coaching miracle from JA?
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  4. No this isn’t Coach Anderson’s screen name but I can read the post that others are posting about him and the frogs! All I’m doing is letting you and the others know facts because apparently you’re not familiar with the history of the frogs winning and the past! Also it’s apparent that you don’t much about coaching football either! Let that sink in!
  5. Well first of all Jarrett isn’t the one that jumps offsides or causes a false start! That comes from the linemen being self discipline! Also remember all those linemen that are playing aren’t all his recruits, so blame the ones that recruited them and signed them. He’s not the blame for all the dropped passes because he’s not throwing or dropping them! The players are to be blamed at some point!
  6. How is Coach Anderson to be the blame for those stats? Numbers look good to me, except that the defense is the one that gave up the points for K-State to win!
  7. No, he just coaches the squad that does.

    Ah, it's not the coaches fault! They need to "self discipline"!

    He's been the O-Line coach since 2014. Yes, these are his recruits.

    What dropped passes did we have on Saturday? If anything, our receivers are WAY better this year catching contested passes.

    1). Numbers shouldn't look good to you. Take out the last two drives when their D had a two score lead and played prevent, and the numbers are garbage.

    2) Defense gave up 14 points. That should be good enough to win 98% of the time. Defense is not to blame for this loss.
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  8. Neither does Jarrett Anderson.
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  9. Better athletes doesn't always equate to better football players.
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  12. The overuse of the !!! is telling.
  13. curiuos, what dropped passes?

    wide receiver play for the most part has been significantly better and why would a quarterback who throws a catchable ball be responsible for a dropped pass.

    since you have this profound incite please let us know who is responsible for continually asking the offensive line to try to run block and pass block with the wide splits when they struggle to cut off quicker inside rushers or pass block out in space?

    whose decision is it to continue to block without helping the tackles and whose decision is it to go away from the running game which has been effective

    finally, nice to throw the players under the proverbial bus especially when the problems we are seeing in the offense have extended beyond the time of the players on the roster
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  14. And not even a very good one...
  15. he's no wyomingfrog
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  16. If I had no idea what position group JA coaches this year and you told me to guess I would automatically say O Line. Without fail, his position group always under performs and then when he moves to a new spot, his previous position group automatically improves the following season.

    Doesn’t take a genius to know the O Line was going to suck with him coaching it. And here we are.
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  17. Unfortunately we will never know. Covid world allows Gary to close off any communication to the outside world. Offensive staff will never be able to explain themselves and we will be lost wondering.
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  18. gary closed off communication to the outside world beyond his purple curtain long, long, long. long prior to the covid
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  19. Absolutely. But this year it is over the top. We don't even get post game video interviews published. You can go find Chris Klieman talking after the game but GP is nowhere to be found, at least I haven't been able to find it. Happy to be proven wrong so I can see just how he responded. Not that we would be able to glean anything from it.
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