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We aren’t the only ones with DL depth issues

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogLifeYo, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Just finished reading an article that Okie Light is loosing its top 6 DL...3 DE and 3DTs..

    1 declaring for the NFL, 1 transferring to NE and the rest graduating...

    They are pretty much recruiting every single DL we are on right now..Just got a commitment from Soni Asi who we had talked with..

    DL is becoming the new Left handed pitcher of College football...
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  2. Texas is losing 8 from defensive side of the ball, it's shorter to list who they return than who they lose; one Linebacker: McCulloch, and both Safeties Sterns and Jones. No returning DL, CBs, or NB. Todd Orlando should get the heck out of there before a bunch of fresh faces make him look bad.
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  3. We're screwed!
  4. texas does return roach as well as foster who could easily slide into the nickel position.

    big key will be the young corners, if graham and bimage can become consistent defensive linemen and coburn in the middle.

    linebacker is a big question and they are looking juco for help.
  5. I suppose this lines up well with us returning 9-10 starters on offense...Well..assuming we actually get our [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] together on that side of the ball..
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  6. Who is Soni Asi?
  7. DT out of Utah...Should have been Sione ASI..Been playing at Snow J.C. in NV
  8. guess soni is the polynesian version of walker
  9. Do we ever travel/recruit up in North Dakota? I hear they have a pretty good team...
  10. the goal should now be to dominate 1-aa?

    shouldn't we have made that decision before we joined the big 12
  11. JUCOs and 1-aa... both can be coached up and gain weight.
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    Would be surprised if a dozen of their rosters players are from North Dakota.
    Might be fun to see some of the sites for the recruiter though.
  13. Gotta tighten up their recruiting.
  14. It's more of a DE depth issue, than a DL depth issue for us next year.
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