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We are not alone-

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. As we wrestle with the state of TCU football it’s interesting that there are several programs in near identical circumstances.

    What do we have in common with the following 3 programs?...Stanford, Michigan St., and Northwestern?

    More than you think..

    1. Highly respected HCs
    2. All Def first programs
    3. HCs are all ultra conservative Game Mgrs
    4. Little to any staff turnover
    5. Offenses are the death of them..
    6. All with downward trending records

    It will be fascinating to see if any of those programs and their HCs have the fortitude to make the changes necessary to get back on track..I know their fan bases are having the same message board conversations as we are
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  2. I thought this was going to be about aliens.
  3. Please no political discussions.
  4. I was hoping it would be about aliens.
  5. All those schools are alienating their fan bases
  6. MSU kinda the outlier here since the rest are smaller private schools.
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  7. How do their message boards stack up in terms of football coaching geniuses?
  8. I would guess Stanford and Northwestern have a lot more geniuses!
  9. I'm confident we have a lock on the most ever football geniuses.
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  10. Ours is full of morons. So they win.
  11. Was not sure what to think about this thread before clicking in.
    Will say I am somewhat disappointed that the discussion did not involve midgets.
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  12. Jusy as many but overall pretty inferior to the vast wealth of knowledge here..
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    GP has proven he can make changes but he will not shoot from the hip or make a change on the whim. He encouraged Shultz to look elsewhere because he was making a change with the offense. He removed Anderson from the OC position and he is a long time assistant. He removed Meach as primary play caller after 3 seasons. DM saw the writing on the wall and took the Kansas job in the off season. He finally hired a true OL coach in CT a few seasons ago. Haven’t had a true one after EW retired until CT.

    GP will make changes, but not rash ones.

    I don’t think we all realized at the time with Bumpas retiring on how big that impact would be.

    Not defending GP, just illustrating that GP has made changes, just not scapegoat changes.
  14. It's a lot easier to fix a bad offense than a bad defense.
  15. Need to build a wall.
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  16. True but all indications are the Dantonio and GP are a lot a like
  17. I think it's very generous to Pat Fitz to put him in the same category as Patterson, Shaw, and Dantonio. Otherwise, I agree that there are some similarities. I would also add that these are all schools that are not traditional powers (partial exception for Michigan State), and where the current coach lifted them far above their traditional baseline (most clearly so in the cases of Patterson and Dantonio, least clearly so in the case of Fitz).
  18. Probably are. And Fitz and Shaw maybe similar also.
  19. And anal probes.
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  20. Probably the one on the list that most thoroughly shares TCU's DNA otherwise, though. I've got a good buddy who is an MSU grad and I've watched them somewhat closely for a few years on account of him. It's remarkable how similar our trajectories often seem to be. Absolutely true this year. Dantonio just reshuffled all of his coaches to different position groups in the off-season. Result? Same old ineptitude.
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