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UNT QB Coach Arrested

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Good lord.
  2. Maybe he should move to CA where they are going to basically decriminalize sexual relations with minors. If there is one thing we know about CA, it is Trump country.
  3. Bruh
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  4. That is completely false. Google senate bill 145 and stop believing QAnonense crap.
  5. Understand that SB 145 is a California bill that would give a Judge a choice of requiring a Sentence placing an offender on the sex offender registry based upon the type of sex performed in statutory rape cases?

    The current law discriminates against the LBGQT community.

    Right now a 19 yo boy has vaginal sex with his 17 yo girlfriend and the judge has discretion as whether or not to require registration as a sexual offender.

    Currently if a 19 yo male has a 17 yo boyfriend had oral or anal sex the Judge has no discretion and registration is mandatory regardless of the fact that the act did not have an element of coercion.

    A judge should have that authority.

    SB 145 merely adds to the judges sentencing power and does not legalise statutory rape.
  6. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?
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  7. Was WR coach at Baylor from 09-15? So only thing he taught the high school kids was a comeback and vertical route?
  8. How is the QB coach even remotely considered an "educator"
  9. Charge stems from last year when he was at Argyle high school.
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  10. Same question
  11. How embarrassing
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  12. Yeah, even if he taught classes, can’t imagine there was much educating going on. But for the record, “educator” is defined as any employee of a public or private secondary school.
  13. Based on reading this thread casually and not the article, I’m going to assume this guy got arrested for S’ing some D?
  14. Must have missed that part. Saw he was at Forney too
  15. Wait does this cover the Lunch Lady? 0323733E-BAFB-4F27-9A46-44DBDEEA76C8.jpeg
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  16. Wow, you don't read well do you?
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  17. Whoa.
    Why do people think they can get away with stuff like that?
  18. Looks like something UNT would not have had knowledge of. Still, I'm sure the Mean Green's head coach may have reservations about hiring another former Briles assistant in the future. Can you imagine being a head coach and the AD walks in to tell you an assistant just got arrested for that?
  19. Always thought Forney mascot should be the Gators.
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