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UN MASK the showgirls [ What the heck? ]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by goldenfrog, May 8, 2021.

  1. I saw you at the game and was going to bring this up with you.
  2. No masks for Showgirls
    At the Opera? Well that's ok.....
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  3. LEAD ON!!
  4. Puppet the snowflake masses.
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  5. Puppet Show headlining.

    Spinal Tap playing the undercard. And doing a jazz odyssey to boot! Crowd size about the same as TCU playing Duquesne in early Sept.

    Let me refocus.....great win today by the Frogs!
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  6. Just to recap: phenomenal Saturday weather. Attendance restrictions gone. No mask requirements. A huge win over Texas leaving us one win away from pretty much wrapping up the conference title. And yet some people are still angry about little things? Lighten up everyone. It was a great day. And life is way too short.
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  7. 100!

    I went to the game. Had a scheissing blast. Pre-game beers & wings at buff bros. A frog victory. Beers. Coeds. Frog fans. Getting back to reality. Felt great. Very few times did I think about Covid or masks since I wanted to be tracked by Bill and Melinda and got the vaccine weeks ago.

    But the [ $%^& ]s on this board who have to continue to [ hundin] and moan that they don’t get first row seats and handjobs in between innings. Just scheissing enjoy yourselves. Sweet Jesus.
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  8. Seriously with all the complaining about masks and whether they do anything or not based on whatever study you read, take em off. While were at it, I'm pretty sure requirements for shirts or skirts are just as useless for keeping people safe. I say we just extend the whole issue..... (then someone can post the pics)
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  9. No wonder tickets are so expensive on StubHub
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  10. The market quickly changed from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market.
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  11. My poor neighbor is a caddy at the Wynn and while he makes well over 100k per year doing what he does he is about to quit because they have to wear masks the entire time out in the heat. He said 3 caddies have already quit plus many golfers who come in from places like Texas and Florida say they refuse to come back due to the mask [ #2020 ]. His girlfriend is a blackjack dealer at Binions and also has to wear a mask in that casino that has a giant opening letting all the heat in and she hates it too

    I am tired of this mask garbage. Maybe 20% of people want forced masks to continue and we are letting them make the decisions

    Masks don't work. They are pointless. Especially outside. If you think masks make any difference I have a bridge to sell you
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  12. Arkansas dancers are required to wear masks for good reason.
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  13. Those are not masks. Those are feed bags.
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  14. You got handies between innings? Glad I didn't have eyes in the back of my head.
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  15. we won the game. I get it but also the bitching is almost as bad as the myopic mask rules.
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  16. Not even close IMO. That said...just don’t wear a mask and go about your business. Haven’t worn one in many weeks and have had no issues going wherever I wanted or needed to go. I do think it’s fair sport to mock and ridicule people who wear masks under their chins or pull them off to talk to people.
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  17. 100k a year as a caddy, but you have to wear a 3cent mask?? And the guy is quitting?

    1. I don’t believe you

    Makes you really feel for the poor saps having to wear a mask at McDonald’s and Wal Mart making 8.50 an hour?
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