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UConn cancels football season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 5, 2020.

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  2. UCONN?

    If a tree falls in the forest...
  3. Says they moved other sports to the BE and went indy in football (not sure if just for this season.)
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  4. makes sense on the other sports as the big east was much closer, travel would be cheaper, regional ties, and the potential is there for a very good basketball league in an area with a large number of eyes available to watch
  5. Article title:
    UConn cancels 2020 football season amid coronavirus concerns

    You would think the whole team had tested positive for Covid, Smh....
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  6. I wonder if BYU was on their schedule?
  7. UConn claiming they cancelled football because of "the safety of their athletes" or whatever is total hooey. They cancelled their season because other conferences were going to either conference-only or an in-state +1, so their best-case scenario was 10 Away games. They aren't Notre Dame (or even BYU) where someone would be willing to take a risk, so they had no pragmatic way to put an Indy schedule together. Nothing more.
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  8. notre dame is a completely different situation from all the other independents.

    they parked all the other sports aside from football in a conference who took them in the hope that nd would eventually join the conference in football.

    nd only could go solo in football because of the television contract with nbc and it will be interesting to see what happens with them and the acc in the future.
  9. Yes, UConn essentially killed off their football program by going independent in football so they could move their other sports to the Big East. It was a pretty perplexing move from a financial standpoint seeing as how their athletic dept is already bleeding money nonstop. Crazy to think they played in a Fiesta Bowl in 2011. In the aftermath of COVID I could see them dropping down to FCS in football—scheduling as an independent that isn’t BYU or ND has to be a total cluster.
  10. UConn has a football team?
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  11. So does their whole team hit the portal and get waivers to play immediately?

    Not that there's an abundance of talent on the UCONN football roster or anything.
  12. With the dubious distinction of being the first team to lose to SMU after they came off their death penalty.
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  13. Business as usual.
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    I’m hoping we see 20-30 so called Division 1 teams drop down in classification
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  15. This.
  16. UCONN has actually considered dropping football all together, or dropping down divisions. They have had some troubles long before covid.
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  17. I was living in Connecticut when they played SMU right after the death penalty. Those people were giddy about playing in a real stadium (Owenby!?!) and almost beating a big time program. I laughed and said their stadium was brick on one side and smaller than most Texas HS stadiums. And reminded them they lost to a team made up of freshmen that no one else in Texas wanted. You’d have thought they almost beat Alabama.
  18. Would give us more schools to choose from for our non-conference schedule.
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