Tuberville trashes Tech

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by DelFrog, May 18, 2017.

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  2. He's not wrong.
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  3. He could have chosen a much more cogent example than Siberia! Siberia is noted for being cold and wet, while Lubbock is excessively hot and dusty!
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  4. Tech trashes tech. Pointing out unflattering truth is not slander.
  5. He didn't have a choice? "They" shipped him to Lubbock?Tuberville always was a bit of a drama queen.

    But Lubbock does suck.
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  6. At least you don't have to deal with flying tortillas in Iraq!o_O
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  7. We didn't really need further confirmation that Tech is trash did we?

    Water is wet
    Chicks dig scars.
    Baylor = rape.
    Tech is trash.

    These are all indisputable facts.
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  8. Just flying Shrapnel.....either one blows
  9. In Iraq they throw pitas.
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  10. After a hot but brief dalliance Tubrs got dumped. Desperately on the rebound he got tricked. Still pining for the hot trash he pathetically blames the tortilla throwers for the stench that is his.
  11. He's an ass for saying that. They paid him millions. He should keep his mouth shut.
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  12. Lubbocks not great, but it's weird as hell for a dude to wax nostalgic about Auburn, Alabama over it.
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  13. *wax nostalgiac.
  14. Give it one more try. Almost there.
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  15. Nah I quit. I miss my edit button.
  16. Sounds like he was trying to be nice.
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  17. Ya forgot, "UT is entitled"
  18. He could have gone back to selling catfish in Chattanooga. That seems like a good life. Better than taking flak from the likes of Tammy for losing to Bama. Better than working for Tech.
  19. Yours for $20.17
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