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Transfer Portal Question

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogPreacher, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Question for those of you know who about this kind of thing. When someone enters the transfer portal, I know they are no longer on the team. Does that mean they are no longer on scholarship and if no longer on scholarship do they have to pay their own way at school or do they generally leave school as well as leaving the team?
    Inquiring mind is curious to know. I am also a bit surprised about Eli Williams leaving. True freshman who TCU followed through on a scholarship even though he was injured much of his senior year. Just seems strange to me.
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  2. My guess is that if they are enrolled in class, and continue to act like a real student, they finish the semester and then go on their merry way.
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  3. Yeah if memory serves, they transfer at the end of the semester. Their scholarship is good until then.
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  4. Is the portal always open?
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    as it stands right now

    When you look at it, very few schools are without players in portal. Washington State has 7 or 8
    Umass? has 8, OU has 3, a$m has 3, tennessee has 4,, tech has 4, ND has 3, mich has 4. And by december the list will be twice as long.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. How many does TCU have? Double Digits yet?
  8. 3
  9. guess if you wrote it 2 + 1 then 83 would be correct

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