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Trademark Issues?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double V, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. There is a bail bondsman in Mineral Wells using steroid frog as a logo. Pretty sure without permission.
  2. Y’all don’t understand the first thing about trademark law do ya?

    Do you even know what TCU has trademarked? Or what classes they’ve been trademarked for?
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  3. not, but i am sure for the chance to bill us your hourly rate you would be happy to "educate" us on this matter
  4. Steelfrog doesn't know anything about trademark law either. Ignore his blatherings. He is a nincompoop. And a terdmudgeon.
  5. Pee wee football teams use the frog also. I always like seeing that.
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  6. I know a lawyer that deals in this and posts here at KFC. Maybe he will see this thread.
  7. That doesn't look similar to ours at all.

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  8. Here's a pic of the Horny Toad Pub and Grub in Snyder. Note that I made sure to include the Snyder tree in the picture.

    Horny Toad Cafe in Snyder.png
  9. Liked for THE Snyder tree
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  10. A couple of my neighbors are big shots at the US Patent & Trademark Office. So just maybe I c.an be of help.

    (Once, in the early '90s I had to fend off a company/national franchise who named their local operation with a name very similar to my firm. I complained to them with no movement, then with the VA State Corp Commission who found that the names were "similar" but they were "different" and we were in "different industries." We got a lot of their mail (which we NEVER forwarded. - some of it was VERY interesting -..sorry fellas!) and the phone calls were really annoying - we'd just try to get rid of the callers, but some wanted to challenge us when we told them they had the wrong number. I told those jerks that I'd outlast them, it took 20 years, Adios.)
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    I have a neighbor who seems to begin most sentences with the phrase "I talked to my attorney and they said..."
    Am I correct in assuming he is just blowing smoke? I don't "have" an attorney that I can just ask stupid questions to on a regular basis and I don't otherwise know anyone who does except if your brother or friend is an attorney. I would also assume that if he really is "running issues by" his attorney that often, they likely hate him, right?
    So, I assume he is either a liar or has a buddy who is an attorney who really hates getting phone calls from him.
  12. I have an attorney and he bills me $450/hr if I see him in the grocery store.
  13. First time I’ve ever seen that word written. I’ve always pronounced it Curmudgeon. Who knew...
  14. Seems to me that imitation is a sign of flattery. Unless TCU’s logos were used in a very egregious manner and harmful to the brand, then take it as a compliment and an actual bolster of the brand. Lord knows there were times when no one would have been caught dead sporting the TCU brand.
  15. I tend to agree philosophically but I’ve been led to believe that if you only selectively defend your copyright you may find yourself with limited options when you really need to enforce it. I have no idea if that is true though.
  16. if steele ever learns how to invoice all of us on this site we are completely scheissed
  17. I asked my attorney and...

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