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This Week's AP Pole

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Billy Clyde, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. We are out, no surprise and no objection because we sucked it up about as bad as you can. . . Some ridiculous rankings, Meesheegun still in, dropping "all the way down," to 20. This after being spanked by Wisconsin, and after *barely* surviving ARMY. . . A-R-M-Y!!!

    Also silly, the predictable way there are THREE S-E-C teams slotted into the top 5. Hey-Zoos Crisco how does anyone think Bama, LSU, and Georgia are ALL better than OU??? Also, Florida in the Top-10??? REALLY??? I've watched them pretty closely and they suck. They will be lucky to finish the year in the Top 25.

    SMOO checking in at about 28, FWIW.

  2. They wouldn’t touch us with a 10 foot Poll
  3. It's an ode to the way TCU's been ranked in the past, when it comes to poles.

    Edit: Also a nod to Steel, who by all accounts is a terrible human being, but prescient in describing the way groups fail to think.
  4. AP stripper pole??
  5. Not receiving votes. With an anvil...
  6. unless we win the next 6 in a row, they won't rank us.

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