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This is not a Top 25 baseball team....


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The fact that UT pitchers didn’t have their best stuff and there were errors in the field doesn’t mean they aren’t a top 25 team. It’s baseball. The more you watch it, the more you realize that, I’m not sure why some people even call themselves fans. Great game yesterday.


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How does a guy who has been here for almost a decade and responsible for our recruiting and our pitching that entire time get a first year pass?

Especially when he kept the other guy that has been here that long and owns the other side of the ball?

Sorry - I love Loos but he gets zero “new guy” break for this year
Agree 1000%, especially 2nd paragraph.

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It's amazing how you can't handle ANY criticism of anything TCU athletics.
LMAO…. It’s amazing how you can’t tell the difference between criticisms and people just throwing out pathetically pessimistic takes because they’re too big of a [ muschi ] to weather the storm of some below average play without throwing a childish fit.

And I‘ve criticized TCU athletics MANY times on this board so that’s a pathetic effort by you on pretty much every level. Not surprising.