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The Wichita Eagle: Big 12 considering options as other leagues make conference-only plans

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  1. Big 12 considering new football options as other leagues make conference-only plans
    • Kellis Robinett, The Wichita Eagle
    Just when it seemed like the Big 12 was ready to push all its chips to the center of college football's metaphorical poker table and bet everything on the hope of pulling off a full-fledged season of 12 games during a pandemic this fall, the conference must now re-evaluate its strategy.

    Too many other conferences may have already walked away from the table for the Big 12 to make an aggressive play.

    Read more at https://www.uniondemocrat.com/sports/article_3db7f632-d395-11ea-b053-fba7bd278d17.html
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