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The Top 10 Players in the Big 12 and the team with the most will shock you

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  1. https://247sports.com/LongFormArtic...in-the-Big-12-for-2020-148519422/#148519422_5

    The Big 12 might prove to be the conference of quarterbacks again, but on paper a defensive renaissance might be on the docket in 2020.

    The conference known for explosive offenses, Heisman winners at quarterback and big-time running backs is stacked in the defensive backfields this fall. The quarterbacks will of course garner most of the attention, especially with three potential Heisman Trophy contenders (Sam Ehlinger, Brock Purdy and Spencer Rattler), but with limited time in spring practices (or none at all) because of the coronavirus pandemic, defenses may have the early edge this season.

    That's great news for teams like TCU and Oklahoma State attempting to get back in the mix of the Big 12 race.
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  2. Spencer Rattler

    I remember when players got accolades based on their performance. The good ole days...

    .... Get off my lawn. :)
  3. Totally agree. Let him play a single frickin’ down of football before announcing that he’s a Heisman trophy candidate
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  4. The overhyping of these kids is crazy.

    It's too bad that the Heisman Trophy has become irrelevant. Not the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the ceremony, but the award description and the selection of the winner.
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