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The new and improved TCU vs Purdue Injury Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Sep 12, 2019 at 6:10 PM.

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    Wow had to restart that hot mess of a thread

    CB Julius Lewis-out until SMU game (hopefully)
    WR Mikel Barkley-Out
    WR Taye Barber-Probable
    QB Matthew Baldwin- out indefinitely
    DB Noah Daniels-out for season
    PK Cole Bunce-out indefinitely
    LB Dee Winters-Probable
    LB La'Kendrick Van Zandt-Probable
    LB Ben Wilson-Out indefinitely

    LB Markus Bailey-out for season (big loss for their D as he is the defensive captain and leading tackler)
    QB Elijah Sindelar-Probable (Concussion Protocol)
    OL Matt McCann-Probable (ankle injury)
    RB Richie Worship-Out (Knee Surgery Recovery)
    RB: Tario Fuller-Out (Broken Jaw)
    DT: Lorenzo Neal-Out (ACL Recovery)
    WR: Jared Sparks-likely out
  2. Posted in the other thread but I would prefer to face Sindelar. Per the Purdue board, the backup is a strong runner, and I would rather face a more talented QB who can’t run.
  3. First rule ... find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
  4. No mention of the C word in here. Just refer to it as an upper body injury.

    It's unknown where Sindelar is in the upper body injury protocol.
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  5. Don’t really remember this forum focusing so much on injuries to another teams as this week. Seems strange.
  6. Bunch of vagina parents......
  7. Sheesh
  8. Y'all watch the debate last night?
  9. Injuries always being twice as long as expected drives me insane.
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  10. Bummer...I’m not sure what Barkley injured but he’s been down for a good 3-4 weeks now. I do think we have the fire power at WR to be alright. I hope this means more snaps for Hunt as he showed flashes that should have earned more time on the field. Barber hurts especially since DDavis seems to have unreliable hands.

    Also...There’s more than enough evidence floating around the Purdue QB is going to play. Brohm is just trying to get an edge on GP. 100% believe he’s a go.
  11. Barkley news sucks. All we heard during fall camp was how much he stood out, was hoping he'd provide a threat opposite Reagor on the outside against a below average Purdue secondary.
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  12. What evidence other than he's participated (probably non-contact) in practice?
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  13. Wasn't that the thread that got moved to the general board?
  14. Based on reports upgrading Purdue’s Mccann to probable.
  15. Well that sucks.
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  16. Purdue fans on various forum have reported he’s been taking first team snaps and they believe he will play. This time of year all practices are non contact for your starting QBs..If he was in doubt you would not allow him to take snaps away from the backup.
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  17. I’m certain GP approached the week as if he was likely playing all along.
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  18. Interesting, and makes my sports heart sink a little if Sindelar is back there.

    I feel like we haven't played in 64 years, ready to just play this game and see what we've got.
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