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The Men's AND Women's basketball teams can get to 20 wins

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Atomic Frawg, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Each team is sitting on 17 wins. I don't think both teams have hit 20 wins in the same season before, and if it has happened, it been a while.

    The women have three home games left against ISU, KSU, and the Austin girls. They have roads games at Western VA, Kansas, and Oklahoma. I think they have a real shot at going 4-2 over that stretch.

    The men have home games against Kansas, Oklahoma, ISU, Tech, and KSU. They hit the road against Western VA, Okie Lite, and the Austin team. It's hard to guess where the three wins will come from for the men. Both Oklahoma teams are on the skids, and burnt orange is beatable. Outside of those games, it's a tough row to hoe. I'm gonna hope the men at least go 3-3, or if they go 2-4, pick up a tourney win.

    Either way, I think both coaches have met or exceeded expectations this year.
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  2. Because of the issues going on in Virginia, it's my understanding that West Virginia has asked to be called East Kentucky or South Ohio.
  3. The only game for the men I'd be surprised if they won is the EMAW game. The Fighting Wades are my pick to win the league now. Before yesterday I'd have also been surprised if we beat ISU. Not now, though I do expect they'll have revenge on their minds in FW. I see every game other than EMAW as winnable, though. I really will be surprised if we don't win 3 more. And that's before conference tourney time.
  4. KU is 1-6 away from home. Get er done frogs!!
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  5. who ever thought west virginia might be considered the smarter or the two virginia's
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    The women got one game closer to 20 wins with a huge victory over a ranked ISU team. They have five games left to win two.
    The men actually have seven games left to win three. Although none of the remainong games are gimmies, I think they can certainly go at least 3-4. This is looking to be a historic season for basketball. Both teams may hit 20 wins AND get to the tourney in the same season.
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