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The Jinx is in...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. How can it be true? We fumbled SIX times against SMU, IIRC.
  2. As has been discussed in this thread already, the genius who decided to post this isn't counting fumbles. I assume we'll see a similar post soon about how we are leading the nation in FG attempts, and that NO ONE has been better.
  3. I have found a thesaurus to be helpful in these situations.
  4. It makes me mad but for different reasons than everyone else. Social media stats like this are what you do for recruiting and such but what really upsets me is that we have Delton on there with Duggan. Are we trying to make Duggan look over his shoulder all year? I don't see another program inn the country that touts their backup QB w/ the starter in something like this. The way we've handled this QB situation is horrible.
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  5. "No Missed Tackles By Middle Linebackers through 5 Games"
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  6. NO ONE in the Big 12 has had more yards per carry by running backs named Sewo on 2nd down
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  7. There was a graphic before the Baylor game last week that showed a list of 3 QBs in FBS that had at least 10 TD passes with no picks. I know at least 2 of those QBs fell off the list that day (Brewer and Tua). The jinx is real. In this particular case, it was real good.
  8. 2nd down and 12
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    This thread is all a joke, right? You guys aren’t actually upset by this are you?
  10. Turnovers have cost us roughly 35-38 points this year....Probably 24-28 in our two losses. Just because they weren't INTs doesn't mean they don't hurt.
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  11. NO ONE has more fans upset by meaningless social media posts through 5 games
  12. Kaylee Hartung is retweeting this right now.
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  13. No kidding

  14. It’s not like he was never gonna throw an INT. Whatever.
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  15. It was very unbecoming of our social media staff when I saw it.
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  16. I bet we lead the league in 1 yard line fumbles.
  17. I get the feeling we have a new person running our social media this year. The tone and voice coming from the account often seems like an immature gen-z kid trying way too hard to sound "woke."
  18. That was my thought as well. Why not three QBs. Collins hasn’t thrown a pic either.
    It’s OK to be silent. Especially when there is nothing to bark about.
  19. Cohens stats were alright in the beginning, now he is just trying too hard to make ridiculous stats.

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