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The Bowl Game Tickets/Priority Points Annual Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by HToady, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. This should go long.

    Got the email last night. Had purchased enough Alamo Bowl tickets to move up but over the past two years have dropped so far I am nowhere near close. It's a moving target. Again, I have had 8 tickets, plus Frog Club since they started counting, Can't get 8, no way no how. Yet the guy that has 2 season tickets can get 4. I don't get the lack of focus on number of season tickets? I guess I'll ask my rich friends for help again this year.....I know, it's all moot at this point.

    Beat Iowa State!
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  2. Yup - it's a mute point. Don't talk about it yet.
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  3. I thought it was a moo point? Because that's what cows say, and who cares what cows say?

    Regardless, it's moot, because its not considered irregardless. I couldn't care less (as opposed to TCU football, about which I could care less).

    As to the bowl game tix email, it has a definite jinx quality to it. Instead of being a title like the OP posted, the title of the email is "Request B12 Championship and Bowl Tickets." C'mon man.
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  4. Yes TCU did that to the baseball team earlier this year. The day after we clinched co-conference champions they sent out a tshirt email for "conference champions" tshirts. We didn't win another game during regular season.
  5. total jinx.
  6. Give me a break.

    Every school does this. One, we are bowl eligible. Two, there’s a 5-business day turnaround between the end of the regular season and the championship game. There’s literally no other option to than to do it this way and every other Big 12 school will do the same. It’s quite clear every request is contingent on qualification. Does anyone think we’re going to the Cactus Bowl? No. They put every possibility out there. Stop trying so hard.
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    Signed up and submitted. Dreaming of New Orleans. Let’s rent out Lafitte blacksmith or old absinthe or...

    Edit: Beat ISU.
  8. No email on it.

    Maybe one day they will separate out all the junk emails from just the business ones so when I opt out, it still gives relevant info. Not too hard to have two list, one for marketing and one for business.
  9. FWIW, I bought club seats and parking passes to the B12 Championship weeks ago through ticketmaster.
  10. It’s not the email itself or the content. It’s the subject line, encouraging us to Reserve B12 champ tix. That’s the jinx.

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