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The Bluebonnet Battle Spectacular Prediction Thread!

Now that we have a name for this rivalry that our 5 year-old daughters can be happy with, let's make some predictions.

Both teams are struggling, but I have to think Baylor is struggling a bit more than we are.

Give me the score, and the estimated number of empty seats at AGC.

Frogs 35 - Beer Thieves 17.


4 Oaks Frog

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Might Horned Frogs 68
Yellow and Green Pukes 3
Mrs. 4Oaks and I will be in AGC to witness the massacre.
Spit Blood and~~<~<fornicate baylor!!


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Frogs win this one 44-20.

10K spots to pick from. I'm tempted to use my one free Saturday to fly down and sit in one of them...

East Coast

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Updated prediction. Haley Cavinder puts out a tiktok this afternoon stating the Carter is the place to be tomorrow. Stadium is overrun with screeching young women and creepy middle aged men looking for sugar babies...

One Frog Nation

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Frogs clear out the cobwebs, play D and O. And they win the newly named, Baylor Sucks Trophy, 66-7. BU scores on the last play of the game on a wild play where TCU was subbing players and only had 1 player on the field.