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Thank You Coach Schloss!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. I don't even wish him that.
  2. This.

    He basically lied about it a couple of weeks ago.
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  3. Is this a truth that he was the first to leave or whatever? I keep reading this from posters but it seems like a rumor everyone just keeps piling on.
  4. Confirmed by Moose’s own eyes.
  5. You people who say Schloss should have done this or that are a group of morons. Literally should not be allowed to vote, own firearms or procreate.

    (a) you don’t know what he said to whom or when

    (b) he doesn’t owe you jack dogcrap

    (c) two months before you intend yo leave your job in the midst of a major project are you going to announce that you’re leaving for a competitor? Hell no.

    (d) would you be the first to say on your own case, it’s a free market, employment at will society, and I can leave my job however and whenever I want? Hell yes.

    if you can, stop being morons and appreciate that TCU got 18 years of the man’s blood sweat and tears…
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    Although Steelfrog doesn't have enough brains to choke a midget flea, he is absolutely correct in this post.
    What in the holy hell is Schloss supposed to say right before the Big XII tournament when asked about moving jobs?

    Good grief, some of you sound like teenage girls whose boyfriend left them for the town slut.
  7. I add my thanks to Schloss and hope we can keep building on the amazing success he brought TCU.
  8. Monday morning I emailed coach and thanked him for the memories and what he did for the program and reminded him of a couple moments he and I had shared at different points.

    He wrote me back and thanked me for the letter. And added a couple of thoughts.

    At that point I was fine with whatever decision he made.

    But once he dons the maroon and white all bets are off and he's just another coach in the opposing dugout if the Aggies ever deem themselves worthy of a trip to Lupton.
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  9. I think he had his sights set on greener pastures, maybe one with sheep running around (pun intended) a few years ago. I think he was just waiting for the right opportunity to come his way. His passion seemed to wan after the MSU failed negotiations. Perhaps he felt he accomplished everything he could within the confines of the TCU program - perhaps his personal life played a bigger role in this too - who knows. I think 18 years is a fairly long time to stay in a coaching position, and he did develop our program tremendously during that time. For that he is owed a lot of gratitude.

    I'm not terribly upset that he is leaving. No one is bigger than the program, and when a coach or player is unhappy where they are, they will not perform well. Whoever takes the reins I feel will continue what he started, and hopefully propel us further. If its KS, great. He seems to have a great relationship with the players, and recruits.

    As far as JS is concerned, I think he behaved a bit cowardly leaving with his tail between his legs after the last loss we had. That was wrong on many levels, and will not be forgotten - especially by the players he left behind, as well as fans/alums who for years had the highest amount of respect for him.

    I do not wish success for the Aggies. Sorry. I hope we beat them each and every time we play them.
  10. I'm mostly concerned that the teenage boys who committed to play for him weren't addressed by him as/before he left. If there is truth to that, it's [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ].
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  11. This can't be true! We have it on good authority from flyfishingfrog that Donati is a bumbling idiot who wears a clown costume to work while everyone laughs at him.
  12. Can’t wait for the aggy tears when LSU makes a splashy hire to really upset the maroon crowd.
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  13. On the other hand, what’s he gonna say on a public forum? Badmouthing his former employer would be a bad look no matter what.
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  14. Very true. I was just giving flyfishingfrog a hard time.

    I guess if Schloss didn't have anything good to say, he probably would just ride off and say nothing. I cant imagine him publicly flogging ADJD.
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  15. I do want to clarify this. I'm not hoping he never wins another game because he's leaving, but because he's going to be an Aggie.
  16. And just why are we suddenly supposed to take anything you say seriously? Nothing to do with CJS. Don't act a freaking idiot 99% of the time, then start giving out moral lectures. Or do, and look all the more ridiculous. Free country and all.....
  17. You don’t have to take anything seriously. Steel doesn’t give two dogcraps whether morons do or don’t recognize the undeniable logic presented. Go ahead and act like a stupid little baby who just crapped his self and needs his diedee changed.

    steel was trying to help some of you not look like pathetic losers but for some of you that is obviously a losing proposition

    Schloss is a winner regardless
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  18. Next man up!
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