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TCU vs the Houston Holgos prediction thread


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Just curious…which loss are you comparing today’s game to? Kansas State, Georgia or Colorado?
Doesn’t have to do with a specific team or game. Just my take from what I’ve seen of this Frog team this year. Then looked at why Houston comes in more amped up than us and it’s not hard for me to see a loss.

Houston - Holgo on hot seat. Home game. Night game. First game in Big12. Embarrassed by Rice last week. Already had TCU circled on schedule as statement game…

Us - ? Pride? This time players are really going to do their job better? This time coaches are really going to scheme better?

Absolutely hope I’m proven wrong and know if I am, people on here might call me out - but until we follow through in any game with a performance we all know this team is capable of, then it’s exactly the kind of game we lose. Sorry I didn’t say it was just my opinion but happy to be wrong in a college football prediction thread.