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TCU vs Tarleton ?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. This morning's paper mentioned that Tarleton is trying to line up a football game with us for 2021. They have already signed up to play the Aggies in 2025. Frankly, this is no worse than playing a SWAC team. However, halftime won't be as entertaining.
  2. Use your imagination. How about a cow chip throwing contest at halftime? Or, a barrel racing competition using the cheerleaders?
  3. as Barrels?

    to carry riders?

    A true and not-far-enough-in-the-past low point in my TCU fandom was a basketball loss to Tarlton a few years back.
  4. last time i checked they still weren't even d1 yet so no, no reason to add them to the schedule
  5. Maybe to have a guaranteed win? But non-Division 1 games count against bowl seeding, don't they?
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  6. Why on earth would we add to the schedule a top-shelf D2 program with a roster full of guys who have a “didn’t get a TCU offer” chip on their shoulder?
  7. They are moving to D1, member of WAC. Football independent at first.
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  8. Played them in baseball I remember in 1991...also played some school called Limestone State or something that same year and lost. Gaylord Perry was the HC.

    Nothing wrong with a midweek Tarleton game a year....

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