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TCU vs Iowa State Zoom

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Home Openers success? conference game like first game of season vs LSU.
    Good football team, already played a game.
    We are ready to play. Ready to go forward.

    Bonding of team? Not anymore. Maybe a little less. Didn't get to spend time with freshmen in summer.
    Frustration with not playing.
  2. We have to bring our own energy. Get ready to go.

    Alter after not playing SMU? No different.

    Frustration with the close contact. Everyone has gotten back. Max being back has been a good positive. Don't know where you stand until first ball game.
  3. Extra time help Max? He wouldn't have been part of SMU game.

    Normal person doesn't lose 10-14 days. Our hat goes off to kids. We started coming in June 8th. Lot of days and weeks they have been working out. Sacrificing.
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  4. Interesting process. Havent dealt with anything like this in 40 years of coaching.

    Like most about team? Don't know anything yet. Small senior class, usually leaders. Younger classes have caught on. We've gone into stadium more to get ready where coaches aren't on field.

    Watching other games? Crowd noise you can only have so many decibels. more like when we were in MWC on road, they had 70K, we had 200. Bring your own energy. Going to be interesting with longer sidelines.
  5. Mask? oh yea.

    D better prepared for Purdy? we will see. we have played them before, faster surface here.

    QB game time decision? Downing will start. No plan with Max will play. Its still Tuesday.

    Made strides on OL. Played vs older front in practice.
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  6. They are all excited (OL). Been surprised how well they have handled things.

    DTs? Cooper has been out. Game time decision. He was playing as well as anyone in last 10 years before that.

    Cooper replacement? good young unit. have about 7. Only tuesday.
  7. We’re screwed!!
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  8. Safeties, hype? Both good players. still young players.

    Adj for Covid? Team hotel and tests. Did mock weekend. Everyone tested negative on Sunday tests. Test tomorrow and Friday. more guys had single rooms, more buses.
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  9. Everyone else is reading this like a beat poet from So I Married An Axe Murderer, right?

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  10. Fla St coach out? My job is to not test positive. Come home, go to work. Sit far away. Hope to be back to normal by Christmas time.

    Taye, more aggressive on O? there's some tweaks. key is to do it. Iowa St tries to prevent big plays. Good D team. Only gave up 270 yards last game. Good challenge for us. More time to work on their coverages and fronts. They are good football team.
  11. Need to be more up tempo and score more points. One adv we have is no one knows what we are going to do on offense.
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  12. Younger players don't study film like older players unless someone like Dalton.

    OFF video test a little more detailed. You have to become a student of game if you want to be a great player.
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  13. Big 12 so far in non-conference? I can't speak for anyone else. Everyone is different.

    Glad we came in June.
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  14. 7 Preseason practices helped. I am a proponent of having workouts like basketball in the future (before camp).

    RB group? Evans? He was late coming in. Young group. Really good by end of season. Big positive. Very talented. We have played with younger backs before.

    Normal year, recruiting visits? Sad for recruits and us. We are a people group. Want kids to see atmosphere. Lucky we had a lot come in January and Junior Day. Like to get to know players and parents better. Felt bad for seniors. Have to do best we can to keep people safe.
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  15. I hacked that Zoom, here's what I heard...

    "Win by one"
    "Grow 'em up"
    "I hate kickers"
  16. if people haven't seen this movie they need to watch it, the character of his father is worth the time alone
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  17. Holy BOAT! That's quite a statement to make about a player. Put that kind of quality next to Bethley and an improved pass rush... Kinda excite right now. Not gonna lie.
  18. what movie? wrong thread? wrong log in?
  19. Those are always on the GP Media Lunch Bingo card but actually I don't think he said win by one today. Might have missed it though.
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  20. Yeah, that got my attention. Good thing he's hurt. Ugh.
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