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TCU Vegas Win Total O/U

Casey T

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Just released at 7 wins on one site according to a tweet I just saw. Tied with WVU. They had OU at 9.5, OSU at 9, K State/TX both at 7.5.

Not sure what to think of us but I'd bet we finish with more wins than the whorns


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I have no idea how this season will play out. Depends a lot on Kenny Hill's play. Also, how is the defense coming around. I just don't know...


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I feel like this team will either finish 7-5 or 10-2. It's all about confidence. If we can beat Arkansas, that might be the spark we need to go on a roll. That's pretty much how 2014 played out. I just don't think Hill is Boykin, and nobody on the roster is Doctson. Defense might actually be as good, IF we can stop the run this year. I expect our DT's to be a lot better.

The six road games is the gut check. Wrong year to have so much experience. But we did play better on the road last year. We only won two home games last year. And the fact is, we only have to be #2 in conference to qualify for the Big 12 Championship. One redeeming aspect of this season.

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