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TCU to allow 25% crowd capacity

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by thefrogking, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Now it is public. Let's just hope for a season; fans in the stands, second.
  2. At 25% we can certainly spread out enough. What is that about 12,000 people? I wonder how they are going to divide up the tickets? Surely the students get part of that as well as players parents.

    Oh, and anyone who resells their tickets to fans from other schools should have their season tickets revoked for life.
  3. Students get 2500 plus band, player family and visiting team per TCU source
  4. I deferred my tickets and donated the money to the Frog Club. I'll be watching poolside.

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  5. The Big 12 already waived visitor ticket allotments for 2020.
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    Suites are excluded as they fall under the "license agreement" (i.e. private occupied space). I do not know, but imagine Loge Boxes as well.

    Club Seats will be a mess. Elevators, etc. Likely no buffets inside, spacing (obviously).

    Standard seats... we shall see. Points of sale (concessions) will be impacted, too. Possibly going to be an entry time policy (eg. if you are in this section you enter at this gate at this time).

    Regardless, we should be grateful for what we have (even if it does not work out). Athletics has worked their ass off on this. This has been challenging for them, their families and of course all of us. We need to cut them some slack.
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  7. scheiss the visiting fans.
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  8. Agree!

    This is the one time that Stub Hub and such should be prohibited. I would insist on all tickets come off a TCU ticket office printer, refuse all others.
  9. Glad I opted out this year and got a refund.
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  10. great, now the gofrogs chant at the start will be even more pathetic.
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  11. I'd prefer 12k to 0, but I'm still in "I'll believe it when I see it" mode in terms of fans in the stands at all.
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  12. Wonder if they are going to give season ticket holders who have paid the option to move the payment to 2021 for a real full season. And/or give the option for a pro-rated price in which some $ moves to 2021 and the rest pays for the few games they will be permitted to go to? Etc. Wonder how all that is going to work?
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  13. Should be 100%. If you are afraid of getting the virus or spreading it to someone at risk. DONT GO. Everyone else, can go.

    If you still buy into the fear and hype surrounding this virus you pee sitting down
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  14. You seem like a fun person.
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  15. So basically 2nd half crowds the whole game?
  16. What does this mean for tailgating?
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  17. This is where Im at as well. I have 8 tickets and now I get 2 (all things bring equal). Who gets to go by themselves? Let see, I'll take Oklahoma and you can have Kansas State.....This is entertainment money, If I can't have my group, then we'll all watch poolside drinks some beers and have a party.

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