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TCU stats so far thru 3 games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. As expected a very mixed bag (some key stats for 2020):

    QR rating for Dugga
    n 144.4 (28th nationally, 5th in conference) an improvement for him over 2019 (113.6 100th in nation) and only one INT but only 3 TDs.
    Scoring offense: 27 PPG #52 in nation (PY 30. PPG #55, not having the OOC brings down the avg PPG so about the same as PY, no surprise)
    Total offense: #26 at 432.7 YPG (PY #62 at 336.9 YPG)
    Rushing offense: #38 at 171.7 YPG (down from PY 204 YPG #29)
    Passing offense: #27 at 261 YPG (Up from 209 #90 at 203.7 YPG)
    Red zone offense: #1 at 1.33 (PY #8 at .943) Odd stat as shows we have 6 RZ attempts but 8 RZ scores
    Sacks allowed: #66 at 3.33 allowed PG (PY #90 at 2.5 allowed PG)
    Third down conversion: #44 at .40 (PY #14 at .47)

    Total defense:
    #26 @ 366.7 YPG (PY #27 at 336.7 YPG)
    Passing defense: #16 at 188 YPG (PY #27 at 199.7 YPG)
    Rushing defense: #56 at 178.7 YPG (PY #39 at 137.3 YPG
    Scoring defense: #41 at 29.7 PPG (PY #54 at 26.4 PPG)
    Sacks: #62 at 1.33 PG (PY #90 at 1.83 PG)
    First down defense: #8 at 42 (PY #1 at 195, about 49 equivalent 3 games)
    Red zone defense: #75 at 1 (PY #116 at .90) We can't stop anyone

    Net Punting:
    #46 at 38YPP (PY #121 at 35.58)
    Punt returns: #21 at 11.43 (PY #4 at 19.94)

    So obviously some things consistent and sacks allowed and sacks still are still two of the biggest problems that last two years along with red zone defense. Some improvements on offense but third down conversions a sore thumb.

    Again stats hurt this year by lack of OOC games but still interesting comparisons.

  2. That's all fine and dandy... but are we playing teams rated higher in all those categories? Or are our losses unexplainable and we have to accept that we are paper tigers.
  3. How many teams are actually playing football this year?
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  4. 77 so far in FBS
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    yards/play is the best readily available stat for both offense and defense. Our offense ranks #51 (of 77 ) and our defense ranks #69. Basically we suck. The only reason we are in games is because we are #11 in TOP and have an even turnover margin. We are also near the back in penalties (#56) which isn't surprising given how undisciplined we are.

    We are #61 in plays over 40 yards and 2nd to last in plays given up over 40 yards. No surprise on either of those. Oh and the only team worse than us on defense has played two more games, I fully anticipate us being dead last after OU. Hopefully we climb up on the board on the offensive side though.
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  6. Agree
    Like someone once said, statistics are for losers
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  7. Interesting but the Reality is nobody should ever look at stats that included non FBS programs it gives you no real indication of how you compare to your peers.
  8. Just trying to say that if you compare year/year the numbers a little distorted. Agree that using conference schedule only probably the best way to look at the team which in effect is what we have this year.
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  9. Brooks said he is ready for the OU game and hopefully that will improve the pass rush. Said he was rehabbing his knee but good.
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