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TCU remains in play for Aledo 4-star receiver

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jan 12, 2020.

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    I cover Jo Jo and in his 32 games in high school he has been nothing short of spectacular. WE MUST GET JO JO. He is versatile - filled in for McClellan at RB when Jase was hurt - has fantastic hands, great speed, his QB says he runs good routes and is also just a good kid who will NEVER be an academic problem and will never have off-the-field issues. Glad to hear Jo Jo is considering being a Frog. Having Wes, Wyatt, Colt and now Rhett Harris there also doesn't hurt. If Jo Jo is just a 4-star I would like to see a 5.
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  3. Do we even have a snowball's chance in hell in getting this kid? Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma and ....TCU? Impressive offer list...
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  4. If he signs with any of those other four schools you will have seen a 5.
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  5. Knowing Jo Jo, in the end I feel he will chose to be close to home. Frogs have that over everyone. Of course, he is just a junior but the fact that he added TCU makes me think he wants a school in his back pocket in case he decides that playing close to home is best. Of course, OU is 3-hour close.
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  6. We've never gotten a black player from Aledo. The Aledo RB who flipped from Oklahoma to Alabama, OU fans were joking that he and his family were going to take a paycut to go from Aledo to Alabama. Not hard to win so many state titles when you pay for the best players in the region to move to the area to play football. When you are recruited to play high school ball, you probably have a massive ego and it won't be filled by playing in a 40k seat stadium at TCU.
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  7. just to be clear, any black player at aledo has been bought and paid for?
  8. The hell in God’s name did you just type?!?! What the actual scheiss is wrong with you dude?
  9. Aledo recruits. Anyone who denies this has their head in the sand.
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  10. Yeah, but that ain’t what you wrote my man. Total embarrassment.
  11. We get it....L D Bell would have won 9 state championships if not for Aledo. You’re an idiot.
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  12. Aledo recruits poor disadvantaged black players from disenfranchised communities and pays for them to move to Aledo. Then acts like their football success is home grown and organic.

    This is cheating.

    scheiss Aledo and those smug uptight uppity [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ]. They could never win with actual homegrown talent so they pluck it from other communities.Sucks for the other 5A schools who dont recruit and play by the rules.
  13. Keep digging
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  14. Several people on this board say the same thing. Im not the only one. The powerhouse school in the district I attended did the same thing and still does to this day despite the district having 10+ schools now. Its a loophole.
  15. real life is sooooo much better than fiction

    norman lear at his peak couldn't have written something like this for archie bunker to say at the dinner table
  16. NO!
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  17. Very surprised at these comments. Jase started at Aledo BFORE middle school. Want to know why families move to Aledo so their boys can play football? Academic rating. Guys, admit it, momma drives the boat and if the academic standard was low (Aledo is a de facto prep school like SLC and HP) momma would not allow a move. Just ask Johnathan Gray's mother (sweet lady, BTW). But here is why they win. I did an interview with Coach Buchanan and asked the same question for the article's sake and he had a very interesting and profound answer. "The parents let us push the kids hard, really hard, and you don't get that at most other schools." There you have it. Conspiracy theories now shot to the ground.
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  18. (Response to earlier post)

    Dude, don't.
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